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Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money in 2018

10 Best Ways to Make Money in 2018


Happy New Year, its 2018!

After all the Christmas festivities and New Year parties are over, we are left with only a massive hang over and large credit card bill.

Most of us make the same resolutions at the start of each year – like to lose weight or to quit smoking.

But how about making more money?

Wouldn’t we all like to finish the year with a bit of extra money in our pockets?

The good news with the internet is that there are now plenty of ways to make extra money.

I’ve come up with a list of the top 10 ways to make money online in 2018.

Go on! Have a look at which one tickles your fancy and make a decision to take action this year. It might just be the start of your best year yet!



10 Best Ways to Make Money in 2018

If you are looking for an easy way to make some money online and are like sharing your preferences on your biscuit or coffee consumption for example, then this is perfect for you.

Recently, I managed to earn $10 from filling in 2 surveys. That took me a total of 30-35 minutes in total, which works out to about $5/ hour.

That is not going to make you rich but it is good for earning a bit of pocket money.

If you want to find out more about making money online with online surveys then I wrote a whole post on what to look out for (scams) and how to maximize your return. I personally use Swagbucks and Opinion World on a regular basis to earn some money on the side.

I must say that if you are looking to for more than a bit of pocket money, then this option is probably not for you.



10 best ways to make money online in 2018

The most popular (and legitimate) data entry job sites are Amazon’s Mechnical Turk and Clickworker.

You can sign up for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk here to perform ‘HITs’ i.e. tasks like:

•    Blog comments

•    Transcription

•    Short editing and writing jobs

•    Keyword searches

•    Photo captioning and tagging

As you scroll through the available ‘hit’, each tasks will give you an estimated time for completion and a brief description.

Once you’ve tried out certain tasks you will have a better idea how long you take. This will allow you to ‘do the math’ to work out which tasks is more worth your while.

Click worker, is fast gaining popularity and is very similar to Amazon’s Mechnical Turk where you log on and complete small tasks for a fee.

I personally found data entry jobs great when I was a new mom and didn’t have much head space for any more complicated than simple tasks, so this was a perfect way to make a bit of money on the side.

Again, if you are after more than a bit of pocket money then this option is not for you either. Keep reading on because the rest of the 8 ideas pay much better than the first two.


3. Rent your spare room on Airbnb

10 best ways to make money online in 2018


If you have a spare room in the house, then you could be leaving cash on the table.

All you have to do is sign up for Airbnb (if you aren’t already), take some photos of your spare room and list it for rent. This can be done in an evening.

Airbnb handles all the payments for you and pays out 24 hours after a guest checks in via PayPal, direct deposit, and international money wire. I have personally never had a late payment and find it quite a hassle free process.

Tip: To make it worth your while, make sure you charge a ‘cleaning fee’. That’s for your time spent changing sheets or to cover the cost of your cleaning lady if you choose to outsource.

I’ve personally loved Airbnb and there are many people round the world who earn their primary income by renting out their spare rooms or homes on Airbnb.



4. Affiliate Marketing

10 best ways to make money online in 2018

You have probably already heard of affiliate marketing as it’s one of proven online money makers that still works in 2018 and beyond.

It also still remains the most newbie friendly way to make money online because:

·       It’s free to apply to be an affiliate.

·       It’s affordable to startup – you can run your entire online business for as little as $20 a month!

·       It’s a simple business model to follow.


Here is a summary of how it works:

1.     Choose a Topic: This will be something you are passionate about or interested in.

2.     Build a website: This may sound daunting but building a website is as easy as filling out a form, if you have the right tool.

3.     Brainstorm content for your website: Through keyword research you will find out what questions people are asking Google.

4.     Write articles: You will write content that will directly addresses the questions and needs of people. Remember affiliate marketing is essentially helping people find what they are looking for online, and getting a commission for it.

5.     Link to products: These are products you don’t own. You sign up as an affiliate of Amazon for example and then promote products on Amazon. When customers on the product link on your website, they are taken to your affiliate partner’s site to complete the transaction. You get a commission for every completed sale and don’t have to worry about shipping or customer service!

For more detail on how the affiliate marketing process works, check out my step-by-step newbie guide on how to make money on Amazon Associates here.

5. Selling on Amazon, eBay and Etsy

10 best ways to make money online in 2018


While the startup costs aren’t quite as low as affiliate marketing, the cost of getting an online store step up is nowhere near as much as starting an offline brick and mortar shop (which could mean a bank loan of $100,000+).

Plus an offline store wouldn’t have a potential customer base of 3.75 billion!

Even if you set up shop in downtown Manhattan (and could afford the rent), your potential customer base would not be nearly as large.

One of the best places to sell your own product is on Shopify.

Shopify is the number one most recommended e-commerce solution for people who want to set up their own online stores. It currently hosts 500,000 stores with 46 billion worth of sales.

Alternatively, you can also leverage e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to sell products.  After all millions of people already visit these sites with the sole intention of buying.

These sites also make it easy to set up your own online store where customers can browse your products on offer. There is no need to set up your own website (though as I mentioned before it is as easy as filing in a form).

However, you do have to pay a fee to the e-commerce provider you use and Shopify’s monthly fee starts from $29.


A few tips to get the most out of your e-commerce store:

·      Make sure you use clear, high-quality photos of your products,

·      Keep your product descriptions detailed and specific,

·      Check out what your competitors are charging to help determine pricing.


6. Blogging

10 best ways to make money online in 2018


Yes, blogging is still a great way to make money in 2018.

By providing valuable free content on a regular basis you attract and build an audience base who come to know you and trust you. Researching and writing posts can be something you fit in during a lunch break or during your evenings. The key is to stay consistent and keeping writing and posting.

In my experience, if you keep writing and posting content consistently, you should expect to see results in 3-6 months.

Yes, this is a pretty long time to go before seeing any results. It can feel like you are just writing content and throwing it into the abyss of the online world. I personally almost gave up many times but I’m so glad had the support from my community to keep me going.

The key to blogging success is to do keyword research well. I assure you keyword research isn’t hard and can actually be pretty fun. This is the process of finding about the actual search terms people are typing into Google.

This gives you incredible insight into what you potential audience is looking for, so you can create content that is of value to them.

Search Engines like google will also value the content you produce. This means you will appear higher in the search engine rankings. And THAT is how most people will find your site.

If you want to build a long term source of passive income from blogging, then I suggest you check out my no. 1 recommendation here.

It’s the most efficient way to learn how to earn via blogging.

What you can expect to learn when joining:

•    How to choose a topic that you are passionate about for your website,

•    Step by step help to build your website,

•    How to attracting actual people to your website, and

•    How to make money from your website.

You also get all the necessary support (from me and many others) and tools you need to succeed.


7. Your Own YouTube Channel

The top “YouTubers” can make millions each year. Take this 6 year old kid Ryan for example, he makes $11 million a year reviewing toys on YouTube.


One of the most popular type of Youtube video are how-tos or unboxing videos (where you open a product for your reviewers). There are so many niches that the millions of people who visit YouTube every day are into.

If you have something of value to share and deliver your message in an engaging way, there is probably a ready audience out there for you to build a solid income stream from views. You could also use your free tutorials to point viewers towards paid offers.

For example, you might provide high level personal finance advice for free but offer an upsell of personalize advice for a fee.


So how do you make money with YouTube?

  1. Set up your YouTube channel.
  2. Upload videos consistently: In order to build an audience you need to upload video regularly that add value to your potential audience.
  3. Spread the word about your video on social media: Twitter, Facebook or you can even embed them in your blog or website.
  4. Respond to comments from viewers: Remember engagement turns viewers into fans.
  5. Monetize your YouTube videos to include ads: More views means more revenue!

Have a look on YouTube for your favorite YouTube celebrities and note what makes each of them successful. Then try to replicate their formula while being your authentic unique self.

Who is your favorite YouTuber and what about them draws you to watch their videos?


8. Selling EBooks

The internet has had a profound effect on the traditional publishing world.

Millions of eBooks are sold each year. EBooks now represent about 20% of all book sales in the United States and this percentage is growing.

Its bad news for traditional publishing houses but good news for the everyday people because with the rise of eBooks, it has never been easier to self-publish and get your own eBook out on the market.

You no longer need to have deep pockets to get a book published. You can even sell your eBook on Amazon or on your own website.

Your eBooks can be novels, how-to guides or even a collection of your blog posts.  The options are endless!

Plus, you have the potential to make quite a lot of money.

10 best ways to make money online in 2018

Take Amanda Hocking for example. She wrote 17 unpublished novels while keeping a day job of caring for disabled people. She was rejected by book agents and publishers for years.

That is until she decided to self-publish on Amazon and the rest is history. She has now quit her day job and makes millions as a self-published author.

10 best ways to make money online in 2018

Have you heard of the book Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James? Did you know that she first self-published the book in 2011 as an eBook before it took off?

The book has now sold over 100 million copies word wide and has made E.L James one of the richest self-published authors.

9. Develop Apps

10 best ways to make money online in 2018

Everybody has a smartphone these days. Some people even have more than one!

And what do all smartphone users use daily? Well apps!

Whether you have an Iphone or an Android, you probably use app every day to access social media, games, fitness trackers, sleep trackers and much more.

If you have ever thought, “I wish they had an app for ___________” Then you have an idea that addresses a need that people have.  It could be a tip calculator, a list of yoga poses, a receipts organizer…the options are endless.

And you don’t need to be a programmer or know how to code. If you have the idea, you can hire people to create the app for a reasonable rate on sites like Upwork. Of course, the more complex your app, then more you will have to pay you developers.

John Hayward-Mayhew has flooded the App Store in recent years with over 600 Apps from Dangerous Caveman Bum Runner to dentistry games like Emergency Dentist Race. All the apps have raked in close to $1million and guess what? The guy can’t even code!

If you can meet a need and create an app that operates both on iphones and Androids, then you could have a winner!



10. Freelancing

10 best ways to make money online in 2018If you are good at writing, graphic design, transcribing, accounting, web design, marketing or any other skills, there is probably a market out there that would pay for your skills. I think you might be surprised at the demand out there for various skills.

The best thing about freelancing is that you dictate your own hours and you can work from anywhere. You can either start by working your existing network, maybe its contacts from your field of work.

As a start, you can update your Linkedin profile and send a few status updates saying you are now doing some freelancing work in your field.

Alternatively, you can also check out Upwork and Freelancer. Though I can be pretty competitive, it can be a great way to start building a portfolio.


Hit the Ground Running in 2018

These internet business opportunities should give you plenty of ideas for making money online in 2018.

Pick one and make a decision to start and keep the momentum going. Let me know what you are going to do differently this year in the comments below!

It will take some hard work but it’ll be well worth it when you find yourself on the road to financial freedom this time next year.

Here’s to the best year yet!



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  • Reply Richard December 20, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    We all are looking for ways and means to making money online. There are so many scammers about and it takes a lot of time and research to find the right ones. I tried the online surveys which took up a lot of my time. The Airbnb appeals to me. I rented out a room to foreign students many years to supplement my income. I am learning about affiliate marketing which to my mind is the most profitable if one is prepared to be patient and not expect overnight success.

    • Reply Shan December 20, 2017 at 11:41 pm

      Hi Richard

      Yes you are dead right. There are many scammers out there which is really sad. I good rule of thumb I like to go by is, if its too good to be true, then it’s probably a scam.

      Making good money online is definitely very possible but doesn’t happen overnight and involves time and effort. I wish you all the best in your online endeavours for 2018!

  • Reply Daniel December 25, 2017 at 5:30 am

    I found your article interesting & informative on the top 10 Best Ways to Make Money in 2018. I like the options you listed.

    Affiliate marketing appeals to me the most. I’m finding out it definitely takes time, effort, & patience. Hopefully, it pays off in time.

    Writing an E-book sounds interesting. Not sure where to begin. Do you have a recommendation on where to begin?

    • Reply Shan December 26, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Hi Daniel

      If you are already into affiliate marketing and are writing articles for your website, I suggest collecting your favourite articles to combine into a e-book guide. This can be used to summarise all your best content in one place and you can use it as a lead magnet to collect emails or even sell it on Amazon.

  • Reply Anthony Little December 30, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    Hey Shan, I’m always looking for good articles to read about making money. I do believe your article is very informative and you’ve shared some valuable knowledge on ways to make money in this upcoming year 2018. Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to generate income you’ve mentioned in your article, but I do think it takes a lot of patience and time to see the results. However, there are other ways that can help you reach your goals in 2018. Thanks again for great article.

    • Reply Shan January 7, 2018 at 10:50 pm

      Hi Anthony!

      Happy 2018! Yes, affiliate marketing is my favourite but people must be warned that it is NOT a get rich quick scheme and you need patience and time to see results as you have correctly pointed out.

      If you are want quicker cash, surveys are a great options but the payout is lower. But everyone has a different capacity of how much time and energy they have to spare. There is something for everyone – 2018 is going to be our best year yet!

      I wish you all the best for your 2018 online goals 🙂

  • Reply Israel January 3, 2018 at 10:44 am

    I just read through the entire post about the great ways to make money in 2018. These are quite amazing, though I prefer working as an affiliate marketer because I find this most profitable in the long run. I consider it a long term investment and can really yield into a multi-million dollar investment with time. All I must do is work hard to get there in no time.

    Affiliate marketing is quite promising especially with a personal website. Kudos to you for those useful tips! They are sufficient for anyone who wants to make money online in the new year.

    • Reply Shan January 4, 2018 at 4:52 am

      Hi Israel!

      Happy new year! Thank you for stopping by.

      I agree that out of all the methods affiliate marketing is my favourite and has the potential to create a strong source of passive income for years to come. 

      I wish you all the best in your online endeavours for 2018! 

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