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10 Easy Ways To Make Money at Home , No Scams I Promise

easy ways to make money at home

Have you ever been scammed before?

I have and it’s the most horrible thing.

That is why I want to help you find legitimate ways to make money online, with no scams!

I personally hate scammers, I can’t understand why these people would make money at the expense of other people. That is just low! I’ve been scammed before and it’s the worst feeling when you find out you have been tricked out of hard earned money for programs that have little or no value at all!

It is unfortunate that the online world is just scattered with people who say they will teach you to make money online, but are just out to take your hard earned cash.

So today, I’m going to show you the 10 easy ways to make money at home, with no scams!

This is my favourite and most trusted way to make money online.

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.


So here are the 10 legitimate ways to make money at home that I will show you:

easy ways to make money at home

  1. Perform Online Tasks
  2. Rent your spare room on Airbnb
  3. Become a Remote English Teacher
  4. Get hustling on Instagram
  5. Online Dating Consultant
  6. Be a Freelancer
  7. Create Online Courses
  8. Create YouTube tutorials
  9. Sell your own products
  10. The best real way to make money online


Did you know that you can perform simple tasks online and get paid for it?

These tasks can include:

  • Filling out surveys or offers: While this can be tedious, you can earn some money from this.
  • Watch videos: This is a good way to earn some money by leaving videos playing in the background your computer.
  • Searching the web: You can earn money by performing searches.
  • Playing games online: If you love gaming this will be a fun way for you to make some money online.
  • Perform micro tasks: You can get paid for each little task you complete. This can be anything from clicking given links to transcribing sentences.  Have a look at some of the sample tasks you can complete on Swagbucks:

easy ways to make money at home

This are the two sites I recommend that are legitimate:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Opinion World (surveys only)

Swagbucks offers all the tasks listed above but Opinion World offers surveys only.

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

With Swagbucks you can get paid either by gift card of your choice or PayPal but you have to earn enough Swagbucks, to redeem for cash or gift card.

You can earn the most with shopping online or doing the offers available. Other ways you can earn is by doing online surveys, watching video and playing games. Read my full review of Swagbucks for my tips and tricks on how to make money with this opportunity.

Start Earning Easy Cash With Swagbucks Now

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home


I recommend Opinion Outpost (or Opinon World outside the US) because its pays out a lot better than many online survey sites. Once you complete your profile, they tend to send more tailored surveys to you. This means your qualification rate is a lot higher than other sites (i.e. you don’t answer a whole lot of questions because you are told you don’t qualify for the survey. What a waste of time!) Read my full review of Opinion World here.

Note: I must put a disclaimer that while Swagbucks and Opinion World are great to make some pocket money online, it is NOT going to replace any part-time let alone full-time income. Any site that promises to give you a full-time income from filling in surveys is most definitely a scam.


 Rent your spare room on Airbnb

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home


If you have a spare room in the house, then you could be leaving cash on the table.

All you have to do to start earning money is to:

  • Sign up on Airbnb (if you aren’t already),
  • Take some photos of your spare room, and
  • List it for rent.

This can be easily done in an evening.

If you don’t know how much to charge for a night, no worries. Airbnb provides tools that help you set a price that factors in travel trends and prices for similar places. It’s pretty clever.

The tool raises the price when demand is high and supply is low to maximize your returns.

Airbnb will handles all the payments for you and pays out 24 hours after a guest checks in.

Airbnb pays out by PayPal, direct deposit, and international money wire and I have personally never had a late payment.

I’ve personally loved Airbnb and it’s a great way to make money online from renting out your spare rooms or home on Airbnb.

Become a Remote English Teacher

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

If you are a native speaker of English, you can find English teaching jobs on websites like Indeed, Learn4Good and Remote.co.

All you have to do click on the links above to see what jobs are available. You will have to register to upload your CV and apply for the roles.

You can expect to earn about $25 an hour and the lessons, often conducted via Skype, can easily be fitted around your schedule and day job.

Instagram Marketing

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

If you love posting Instagram and have a bit of a following, you could have an opportunity to do some marketing and get paid for it.

Did you know that 25-year-old Liz Eswein charges a fee to various big brands for taking the photos she posts on her account @NewYorkCity. She also gets an additional $1 per like. That’s not too shabby at all considering most of her photos get over 20,000 likes! Cha-ching!

If you don’t have that large of a following, no worries, you can still make money from this online opportunity.

My friend gets hundreds not thousands of likes on each of her posts but that didn’t stop her from marketing clothes from local boutiques.

She approached them for a unique code to give her followers a 10% discount on all purchases. The clothes boutiques then pay her a commission each time she brought in a sale.


Create an online course

    Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

Another option is to create an online course on a platform like Udemy or Teachable.

This could be an online course about anything you are passionate about and have expertise in. You don’t have to be an expert.

Have a quick brainstorm of all the skills you have to share. What do your friends often ask you for advice on? Maybe you could turn that into an online course?

You could create courses that deliver huge value to many people and create a healthy new income stream in the meantime.

If you have an idea for an online course but feel it’s a bit too formal for you, then YouTube tutorials might be your thing.

Create YouTube tutorials

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

If you have something of value to share and deliver your message in an engaging way, then you could build a solid income online from views. You could also use your free tutorials to point viewers towards paid offers.

For example, you might provide high level personal finance advice for free but offer an upsell of personalize advice for a fee.

Have a look on YouTube for your favorite YouTube celebrities and note what makes each of them successful. Then try to replicate their formula while being your authentic unique self.

Who is your favorite YouTuber and what about them draws you to watch their videos?

Mine is kevjumba. He is just hilarious and so witty. I just can’t get enough of his videos and I’m pretty sure he makes a sweet living off YouTube.


Be a Freelancer

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

Working online can be a great way to earn a living.  If you have the skills people are looking for, you can make a lot of money as a Fiverr freelancer.

Fiverr is the go place for people when they want the following services:

  • Graphic design: This includes website logo, business cards, digital invitations, cartoons and avatars. Basically what people need for their online businesses.
  • Transcription: This is where you type out what has been said in an audio or video file for someone else.
  • Digital Marketing: This can range for helping someone with SEO, web development, email marketing and more.
  • Music & Audio: If you are musically inclined you can help others with voice overs, song writing, jingles, mixing & mastering music, and create sound effects.
  • Video and Animation: As video are fast becoming the number one preferred media type for advertising on social media, it will be a great asset if you possess this skill.

The name Fiverr derives from the fact that you can offer services starting at just $5. However, people obvious charge more for more tedious pieces of work.  

The best thing about freelancing is that you are you own boss. You dictate your own hours and you can work from anywhere.

Another good place to start is to leverage your existing network. If you already have a Linkedin profile you can update it to indicate that you are now doing some freelancing work in your field.

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

If you want to reach a wider audience, then you can check out Upwork and Freelancer. However, I must warn that the competition is pretty stiff on these sites and often you are competing with people in countries who can afford to charge a lot less than you do.

But it can be a great way to start building a portfolio and just get started. After all, everyone starts from somewhere.

Like my grandma always reminds me, “Don’t despise the days of humble beginnings.” She is usually right!

See my #1 recommendation for aspiring freelancers

Online Dating Consultant

  Easy Ways To Make Money at Home


If your friends always flock to you for dating advice, then you might be the perfect candidate to make money online by offering dating consulting services.

There are many singles who would just kill to have someone help them navigate sites like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel. They need help to:

  • Put together an enticing profile,
  • Select the most flattering photos and the most suitable photos for the type of partner they seek,
  • Craft messages to respond to potential dates.

Do you know dating coach, Virginia Roberts of The Heartographer, charges up to $200 an hour for one-on-one video coaching.

That’s not too shabby is it?


If you have a knack for creating crafts, then you can sell you own handmade products online. One of the best places to sell your own product is on Shopify.

Shopify is the number one most recommended e-commerce solution for people who want to set up their own online stores. It currently hosts 500,000 stores with 46 billion worth of sales.

You can basically sell pretty much anything. If you aren’t into crafts, then you can buy products through a manufacturer and resell them yourself with a markup.

Shopify also integrates with Amazon and many other third party apps to make setting up and running your online store easy and seamless.

They even have apps to make t-shirts a made-to-order basis so you have no inventory to carry.  There are also apps to manage your online shop for areas like shipping, marketing, inventory management, promoting etc.


The Best Way to Make Money at Home 

This is my favourite way to make money online!

Affiliate marketing is the best business model to start an online business that creates long term passive income.

Find out how this affiliate marketer makes $50,000 a month!

What is passive income?

It’s a stream of income that earns you money over and over again from a one-time action.  For example, this post I’ve written once has the potential to make me money for many year to come.

How does this work?

Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

Well as long as I keep this post on the internet, people will visit the post when they do a Google search for how to make money online. Perhaps that is how you have come across this post today.

And when visitors, take action and purchase any product or service that I recommend,  I get paid a commission.

This is the potential of having your own website !

With the other suggestions above, you have to keep working to keep earning. That’s not passive income. That’s still trading your time for money.

But if you own your own website and write posts that will help others, you have the potential to build a passive income stream from each post that you write.

Now if you had hundreds of these posts on your own website, can you see the massive passive income stream that you can create?

Did you know some of the biggest bloggers are making $100,000 a month? Yes, in ONE month!  But, it doesn’t happen overnight, it has taken them years of consistent effort to get there.

Even if you only work on your website consistently for a year, you still have the potential to create passive income of a couple of thousands a month.

While this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, it is a great way to build a long-term sustainable source of passive income online.

But think about it, if you could have an online business that generated a full time income one day, wouldn’t it be worth it to invest the time to build it?

And if you don’t have any technical or marketing experience, no worries. I had no previous experience when I first got started either. All you need is the right training and right tools.

Check out my #1 recommendation here to learn how to start build your online business today.

Start Your Online Business For Free Now



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  • Reply flowstash November 22, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    Say.. nice list, =) I book marked this page so I can always refer back to it. Two questions.

    1. I’ve been telling my gf and other bilingual friends that they can make some extra moolah by teaching English. They speak fluent in two languages. English primarily. But this can only work because of the fact they know two languages? If a person only spoke English they couldn’t apply at “Indeed” and “Learn for Good,” could they?

    2. “Online dating consultant is more my style. Friends and family always ask me for advice. I have read much material on the subject and am quite knowledgeable. How would I go about that?

    • Reply Shan November 22, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      That’s great you’ve bookedmarked the page. I’m so glad you found it helpful!

      Its not a requirement to be bilingual to be able to teach English. I have many friends who speak only English who are teaching English to speakers of other languages. But being bilingual myself, I definitely see the advantage of being able to connect better with someone of another culture especially if you can speak their language.

      That’s great! I would recommend that you start a blog sharing your knowledge and expertise on this subject. This is a great way to build an audience and establish yourself as an ‘expert’ in this field. I would suggest you check out this free getting started online course. This will give you the basics on how to get started online. No credit card needed, its completely free.

      Any questions please ask!

  • Reply Sheree November 29, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    I too hate scammers with a passion. I don’t know how they rest knowing what they’ve done. I respect websites like you’re providing realistic and legit ways of earning money.
    I have read a few of your articles and I love what you’re doing here.
    Shan do keep up the good work!

    • Reply Shan November 29, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Sheree. I’m glad you have enjoyed my articles.

      Yes, please do share this article with friends who are looking for legitimate ways to make money online. I do think its sad that its so hard to navigate through the scams to find these ways to make money.

      Honest people who want to make a living online should be given the chance too. I fear too many have been scammed and then get put off the idea of making money online. I personally almost gave up but I’m glad I didn’t.

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