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11 Side Hustles To Make Money While You Still Keep Your Day Job

While over 66% of millennials want to start their own businesses, only 3.6% of businesses in the U.S. were owned by those under the age of 30 (in 2013).

So why the discrepancy?

I have no doubt that many of us have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs, but the thought of quitting a stable job that delivers a regular pay check is just too risky and just down right terrifying.

But it doesn’t always have to be a choice between an entrepreneur life and a secure paycheck.

Why we have both our cake and eat it too? How about creating an additional income steam without giving up the security of a monthly pay check?

Enter the new movement that is fast gaining popularity – side hustles to make money.

It sure sounds a lot sexier than getting a side job.

Side Hustles To Make Money

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, making money on the side has never been more accessible to us, no matter what we may do for a living.

If you are looking to create an additional income stream and get more job security, here are 11 Side Hustles To Make Money that you can start tonight!

  1. Fill in online surveys in your spare time
  2. Rent your spare room on Airbnb
  3. Become a Remote English Teacher
  4. Hustle on Instagram
  5. Create an online course
  6. Create YouTube tutorials
  7. Be a Tutor
  8. Online Dating Consultant
  9. Drive for Uber/Lyft
  10. Be a Freelancer
  11. Start a blog

1. Fill in online surveys in your spare time

Side Hustles To Make Money If you are looking for an easy way to make some money online and are find filing in surveys on your coffee or appliances preferences for example, then this is perfect for you.

For example, I managed to earn $10 from filling in 2 surveys. That took me a total of 30-35 minutes in total. That works out to about $5/ hour.

If you want to find out more about making money online doing online surveys then I wrote a whole post on what to look out for (scams) and how to maximize your return.

I must say that if you are looking to for more than a bit of pocket money, then this option is probably not for you.

Read on because the rest of the 10 ideas pay much better than this one.

2. Rent your spare room on Airbnb

If you have a spare room in the house, then you could be leaving cash on the table.

Getting your side hustle going is as simple as signing up on Airbnb (if you aren’t already), take some photos of your spare room and list it for rent. This can be done in an evening.

If you aren’t quite sure how much to charge for a night, Airbnb does provide tools that help you set a price that factors in travel trends and prices for similar places. It’s quite clever. The tool raises the price when demand is high and supply is low to maximize your returns.

Airbnb also handles all the payments for you and pays out 24 hours after a guest checks in. Airbnb pays out by PayPal, direct deposit, and international money wire and I have personally never had a late payment.

Tip: To make it worth your while, make sure you charge a ‘cleaning fee’. That’s for your time spent changing sheets or to cover the cost of your cleaning lady if you choose to outsource.

And if you want to flexibility of having a quiet weekend, make sure you set your calendar preference so all bookings have to be approve by you prior to confirmation. This also gives you the flexibility to space out your guests as you please.

I’ve personally loved Airbnb and there are many people round the world who earn their primary income by renting out their spare rooms or homes on Airbnb.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation for making money online

3. Become a Remote English Teacher

This is a great side hustle opportunity for native speakers of English. While ESL (English as a Second Language) accreditation is recommended, websites like Indeed, Learn4Good and Remote.co often have English teaching jobs for native English speakers.

All you have to do click on the links above to see what jobs are available. You will have to register to upload your CV and apply for the roles. You can expect to earn about $25 an hour and the lessons, often conducted via Skype, can easily be fitted around your schedule and day job.

4. Get hustling on Instagram

Side Hustles To Make Money If you love Instagram and have a bit of a following, you could have an opportunity to do some marketing and get paid for it.

Did you know that 25-year-old Liz Eswein charges a fee to various big brands for taking the photos she posts on her account @NewYorkCity. She also gets an additional $1 per like. That’s not too shabby at all considering most of her photos get over 20,000 likes! Cha-ching!

If you don’t have that huge of a following, that’s all good, you can still get into Instagram marketing.

My friend doesn’t quite get 20,000 likes, more like hundreds but that didn’t stop her from starting a pretty sweet side hustle. She got in contact with a local online clothing boutique, and wears their clothing in photos of her just getting out and about.

Some are photos of her out grabbing a coffee and some are of her having a Sunday brunch with her husband. She just tags the clothing boutique in her Instagram photos and gets paid a fee for it. Sweet deal!


5. Create an online course

Another option is to create an online course on a platform like Udemy or Teachable. If you are an avid home brewer and don’t see yourself selling your brews at the local fair, another option is for you to record yourself and run a home brewing online course.

Or it could be an online course about anything else you are passionate about and have expertise in.

Have a quick brainstorm of all the skills you have to share. What do your friends often ask you for advice on? Maybe you could turn that into an online course?

You could create courses that deliver huge value to many people and create a healthy new income stream in the meantime.

If you have an idea for an online course but feel it’s a bit too formal for you. Then YouTube tutorials might be your thing.

6. Create YouTube tutorials

If you have something of value to share and deliver your message in an engaging way, then you could build a solid income stream from views. You could also use your free tutorials to point viewers towards paid offers.

For example, you might provide high level personal finance advice for free but offer an upsell of personalize advice for a fee.

Have a look on YouTube for your favorite YouTube celebrities and note what makes each of them successful. Then try to replicate their formula while being your authentic unique self.

Who is your favorite YouTuber and what about them draws you to watch their videos?

Mine is kevjumba. He is just hilarious and so witty. I just can’t get enough of his videos and I’m pretty sure he makes a sweet living off YouTube.

7. Be a Tutor

Side Hustles To Make Money

If you were a bit of a nerd at school, then this opportunity is for you. You might have been harassed at school for being a nerd but now you are going to have the last laugh because many parents are willing to shell out upwards of $100 an hour for tutors that can help their kids ace the SATs and get into that ivy league college.

If the SATs weren’t really your thing then you can still do tutoring for regular schoolwork. This doesn’t pay quite as much as SAT coaching but this is the time to showcase your stunning GPA average and host of As on your report cards to secure a great tutoring job with a great rate.

Maybe you weren’t quite a straight A student at school. No worries, there is still an opportunity for you.

8. Online Dating Consultant

If you are THE go to person all your friends come to for dating advice, you might be the perfect candidate to be a great online dating consultant.

There are many singles who would just kill to have someone help them navigate sites like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel. They need help to:

  • Put together an enticing profile,
  • Select the most flattering photos and the most suitable photos for the type of partner they seek,
  • Craft messages to respond to potential dates.

Do you know dating coach, Virginia Roberts of The Heartographer, charges up to $200 an hour for one-on-one video coaching. That’s not too shabby is it?

9. Drive for Uber/Lyft

Side Hustles To Make Money

If you own a car, then this opportunity could be for you. You could start a side income by picking up someone to and from work, on the weekend or on the way to run some errands.

This is a great way to earn a side income on a schedule that suits you. Check out Uber or Lyft. In fact, TheRideShareGuy.com has moe great information about how to make money by driving.

10. Be a Freelancer

Side Hustles To Make Money

If you are good at writing, proofreading, graphic design, transcribing, translation or any other skills, there is probably a market out there that would pay for your skills. In fact, I think you might be surprised at the demand out there for various skills.

The best thing about freelancing is that you dictate your own hours and you can work from anywhere. You can either start by working your existing network, maybe its contacts from your field of work.

You can update your Linkedin profile and send a few status updates saying you are now doing some freelancing work in your field.

Alternatively, you can also list your services on Craigslist. You might be surprised but I know a few people who have made quite a killing by listing an ad for simple website design services.

I was skeptical about recommending this platform at first, but now I’m sold about its effectiveness.

If you want to reach a wider audience, then you can check out Fiver,  Upwork and Freelancer. However, I must warn that the competition is pretty stiff on these sites and often you are competing with people in countries who can afford to charge a lot less than you do.

But it can be a great way to start building a portfolio and just get started. Everyone starts from somewhere.

Like my grandma always reminds me, ” Don’t despise the days of humble beginnings.” She is usually right!

See my #1 recommendation for aspiring freelancers

11. Start a Blog

Side Hustles To Make Money

Okay, so a blog isn’t the fastest way to make money but unlike all the other side hustle opportunities, this one has the highest potential upside.

Most side jobs mean trading spare time for more dollars. So if you are picking people up on your way to work as an Uber driver, you can earn more by driving more. The more time you give, the more money you earn.

While building a blog (and getting traffic a.k.a visitors) does take time and effort, you can set yourself up with a solid income stream that could serve you for a long time to come.

So when I say building a blog, what does that even mean?

Well, 99% of that process will involve writing blog posts and articles which deliver value to your readers. This can be something you fit in during a lunch break or during your evenings. The key is to stay consistent and keeping writing and posting.

In my experience, if you keep writing and posting content consistently, you should expect to see results in 3-6 months.

Yes, this is a pretty long time to go before seeing any results. It can feel like you are just writing content and throwing it into the abyss of the online world. I personally almost gave up many times but I’m so glad had the support from my community to keep me going.

Some people try to sell you the secret to getting 100,000 daily visitors with little work. I’m sorry, that kind of thing simply doesn’t exist. I wish it were true too.

Trust me, if there was an easier way to do it, I would be the first to sign up and hey everyone would too. We would all be working online and rolling in cash.

If you want to build a long term source of passive income, then I suggest you check out my no. 1 recommendation here.

It’s a much more efficient way to learn how to earn.

What you can expect to learn when joining

  • How to choose a topic that you are passionate about for your website
  • Step by step help to build your website
  • How to attracting actual people to your website
  • How to make money from your website

You also get all the necessary support (from me and many others) and tools you need to succeed.

Side Hustles To Make Money: I want to hear from you

Let me know if you have tried any of the above side hustle ideas and how they went? Or if you have tried any others ones – good or bad, let me know!

This is by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, its far from exhaustive.

So I would love to hear from you, let me know in the comments below!

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