Meet Shan


Hi, I’m Shan!

I’m a wife, mom, coffee-addict and online entrepreneur.

I started my own online business because I wanted the freedom and flexibility of working my own hours. I was tired of going to a regular 9-5 job and spending all day away from the people I loved the most, my family.

With You Can Escape The Rat Race, I hope to help other everyday people learn how to make money online and give them a ticket out of the 9-5 rat race.

My Story

At the top of this page, I told you that I was an online entrepreneur.

What I didn’t tell you was that this was the least likely role I had imagined for myself. In fact, I would probably have laughed out loud if you told me I could be an entrepreneur.

I would have told you, “No way,  I’m just not the business type”.

I grew up believing that success in life meant studying hard, getting good grades and landing an awesome professional job. I knew that if I became a doctor, lawyer or accountant that I would make my family very proud.

I wasn’t always good at school but what I lacked in natural talent I made up for with hard work. One of my favourite quotes of all time is:

Genius is 1 % talent and 99% percent hard work.

– Albert Einstein

That day I qualified as both a lawyer and an accountant, I thought my dreams had come true. My hard work had finally paid off.

The truth is, that day my parent’s dream for me had come true but I realized something was missing for me on the inside.

The grind of the rat race got me to me pretty quickly – the long commutes, the not-so awesome boss, doing work I didn’t really enjoy. Life seemed more like a nightmare than a dream (Maybe you can relate?)

I knew the only ticket out of the rat race was passive income – to build a source of revenue that made money even when I was sleeping. This would free me from trading my hours for dollars and give me both freedom and time to choose to stuff I love and hang out with the people I love.

For me, it’s taking my little girl to the beach on a sunny day instead of missing her from my cubicle at work.

For you, it might be spending time with family like me or being able to travel the world Eat, Pray, Love styles.

So what does someone with no technical or marketing experience do to start online?

I fumbled and bumbled my way around technical jargon and dedicated my evenings learning about a whole new world of making money online. I tried lots of things – good, bad and ugly.

I’ve cried tears of frustration but I dug deep and what I lacked in experience and natural talent, I made up for in hardwork and determination.

I know what its like to have a burning desire to carve a different life for yourself and your family but have no freaking clue where to even start.

We are all busy with crazy demands on our time from all directions but if you have that burning desire to carve your ticket out of the rat race, you absolutely can.

You’ll never know what you are capable of until you take the first step and go for it.

The first step is always a bit scary but I’m here for you all the way. And I promise as you keep walking it gets easier and you will be surprised what you can actually achieve.

I was scared too and for a while I came up with excuses about why I didn’t have the time or couldn’t do. But I got to a point where I realised if i didn’t step out of my comfort zone and invest my time to learn something new everyday, my life would never change and worst…I might later have to live with the regret of never even trying.

I sacrificed TV time and as soon as my baby was in bed I worked hard on my blog because I know it is worth doing, and I know I could get to where it leads.

I know exactly how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to start with no technical, marketing or online experience. That is why I am passionate about making your journey easier than mine was.

But what I can’t do for you is make the choice to decide its time to take action today and make a change.

Do you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different outcome.

If you cant imagine running the rat race until retirement (if there will even be any retirement funds left after the Boomers) or even for a day longer, then you need to make a decision to take action today.

Remember, no one can decide your destiny but you.

You can take action today and sign up for a free 5 day course below that I put together to step by step through how to get your online business started.

Put away your wallet, its completely free.

If you are not quite ready to step into a course, that’s cool too!

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And did I mention I love hearing from other people like me who want a ticket out of the rat race.

Ask a question, share your story or just say hi!

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