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Can You Really Make Money Online Without A Website?

Making Money Without A Website – Is It The Easier Way?

When I was first exploring how to make money online, I immediately dismissed anything that required a website.

I just put it in the ‘too hard basket’ assuming that with zero coding knowledge, building a website was just out of my reach.

Like me, most people love the idea of being able to make money without a website. Building a website just sounds too impossible, like an unscalable mountain.

So naturally I searched for an “easier” way way to make money online. One that didn’t require me  to build a website. I thought surely I can earn enough online to escape the rat race without the complexity of building a website.


So off I went in search of the opportunity that was going to give me enough passive income to give up my day job.

Are you looking at how to make money online?

Preferably without having to build a website?

It’s definitely possible. But the results will be bit different to what you would expect.

Here are 6 Ways you can make money online without a website:

  1. Complete online surveys

This is what I started with – sounds nice and easy. And it is.

It’s free to sign up and there are so many survey companies to choose from.

Some are better than others but the bottom line is when I did the math, I was being paid well below the minimum wage.

That was definitely not moving me any closer towards my dream of passive income (i.e. making money while I was sleeping) so I knew I had to find something else. Something better.

Bottom line:

If you love searching the internet, watching videos and taking surveys for fun during your free time, then check out this survey site.

Their pay out conditions are the most favorable along the top survey sites. You can generate free prizes from a good range of merchants.

However, if you are hoping to replace a part-time income with this then DON’T waste your time. A minimum wage job pays about 10 times the hourly rate that online surveys will.

Think about that.


  1. Sell your hand-made goods online.

There is a huge market for people who love to buy crafts and hand-made objects online.

You can sell online on stores like Etsy or Artfire.


Unless you truly have a passion for creating crafts and hand-made products, the competiton out there is great. And it is diffcult to command a price that really recognises the hours and heart that goes into each product.


  1. Sell your skills.

There are a number of sites like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork that connect skilled individuals with people in need of those skills.

Whether you are a graphic designer, accountant or transcriber, you can find someone willing to pay you a reasonable amount for your work.


It is very competitive to score a gig as there are people in developing countries competitin with you the offer very low bids. Work was often very patchy and really depended on how many people were bidding for a job.


  1. Create YouTube Videos or eBooks

If you create a YouTube video, you can earn money from advertising based on how many views you receive. You can get about $1–$3 per 1000 views which isn’t much. However that can add up quickly of you have lots of videos posted and gain more viewers.

An added benefit here is that you can create videos about whatever you want, as long as you think others will want to watch it.

Similarly, you can also write eBooks and self publish. You can tell your eBook on Kindle or Amazon.

Bottom line:

There is an enormous amount of competition and unless you are create videos and write eBooks that will appeal to a wide audience or you have already established an online presence or social media following, it is difficult to gain traction with Youtube videos and selling eBooks.

  1. Work for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

This involves completing small tasks that Amazon’s automated computers are unable to do, such as describing the color of a shirt. Each task will only take you a few seconds, but also only pays you a few cents.


These tasks are very repetitive and at a few cents per task you really have to do quite a few to make anything meaningful.


  1. Be an Affiliate Marketer without a Website

There are many “gurus” that say you can make 6 figure incomes from affiliate marketing without the need for a website.

Is this a scam? Is it really possible?

Well yes it is. You can sell products on behalf of a merchant from a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook.

You can also Bing and Yahoo paid per click (PPC) ads campaigns directly to affiliate product landing pages without the need for your own website.

However what they often fail to explain is that if you have experience PPC advertising experience or already have a social media following, yes it is as simple as tweeting an affiliate link or launching a Bing ad campsign and BAM all these people purchase the product and thousands of dollars in commission start folling in.

If you are just starting out, you probably don’t have a large social media following.

My guess is that your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter may not be scrambling to click on your affiliate link and buy the product if you suddenly did a tweet or post.

Bottom line:

Starting with PPC advertising is like trying to run before you can walk. I’m afraid it will be like throwing money into a Bing fire (excuse the pun).

Starting as an affiliate marketer without a website will likely result in you losing instead of earning money.

Surely There Must Be A Better Way To Earn Money Online

There are cheaper ways to learn about internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) without burning money with PPC ads.

In fact, there is a way that you can get traffic for free.

What if I told you, there is a way to build your business that generates free traffic on autopilot. That means passive income – making money while you sleep.

Is there a catch?

Well, this strategy does require that you have a website.

But, what if I told you that building a website with no experience was actually simple.

And there is a way you can get a website build within minutes for free and in 4 simple steps?

Would you be willing to take the your first step to building an online business that will generate you passive income?

Think about what you would do with the extra income? Would you quit your job? Would you buy that thing you have always wanted? How would that improve yours and your family’s life?

But let’s just take the first step.

Create your FREE website below. I’m sure you will be surprised at how easy it is.

Building a website on Wealthy Affiliate is as easy as filling out a form.

Yes, you heard me right.

Let me SHOW you just how easy it is.

Here’s the entire website creation form:

WA website creation form


If you are interested in building an income online, it is totally within your grasp even if you don’t have any ‘technical know-how’.


So go ahead, take your first step today!

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