How can I make money online with a blog are robots going to take my job
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How can I make money with an online blog and protect yourself against the Artificial Intelligence changes that will change our work forever

Will robots take over my job (and possibly the world)?

robots taking over the worldEverywhere you turn, it seems like news stations are reporting about yet another new advance in artificial intelligence (AI) that threatens to take over jobs.

It is AI’s ability to learn by analyzing immense amounts of data that cause such a threat to any job that can be broken down into predictable and repeated tasks.

Why more people are looking to make money with an online blog

This means even jobs generally viewed as ‘safe’ from being taken over by robots are now in question.

A UK law firm is now using an AI system to service legal notices in real estate cases, something that would have been previously done by a team of junior lawyers and paralegals. That’s extremely bad news for fresh law school graduates with a huge student loan and junior roles being threatened by AI.

So if your job is ‘safe’ from artificial intelligence changes, you need to think again.

You only need to look at the manufacturing, construction, agriculture industries to see how human jobs have been taken over my robots and machine.

In fact, the World Economic Forum warned that robots, automation and AI will replace 5 million human jobs by 2020. That’s not too far away at all.

Change is coming whether we like it or not. Our economy is never going back to the way it was.

So what can regular people do in the face of such massive change on the horizon?

Some people are like deer caught in the headlights, overwhelmed and shocked as they watch in disbelief as change descends on their world – their company goes through a restructure and jobs are disestablished due to technological changes. deer caught in the headlightsOthers act like ostriches, burying their head in the sand and in complete denial of the change that is coming.

ostrich burying their head in the sandWhile we can’t fight the evolution of our economy and world, we can choose to evolve with it and not just accept its impact on our work, income and livelihood.

If we lift our eyes above all the talk of doom and gloom with the impending AI changes, we might notice the opportunity to ride the wave instead of letting it overwhelm us. The old saying that every cloud has a silver lining is true.

Every cloud has a silver lining

If you are reading this post, you are likely to be one of the few that think differently from the rest and want to be proactive to the change. You might also have spotted the silver lining – the opportunity that these changes bring.

You might not know this, but that means you are already at a huge advantage over the rest of the deer and ostriches.

The internet has created some incredible opportunities for our generation that has never been present before. For many people this is going to be a huge lifeline.

With our 9-5 jobs at risk, it won’t be enough to rely on our pay check as our security blanket anymore, we must find a way to increase our income.

This is why making money online with a blog is fast gaining attention and popularity.

It is a viable way that ordinary people like you and me, with no technical or marketing experience and grow a successful business to supplement and backup our income with the lowest barriers to entry that ever existed.

So what will you be doing differently in the age of A.I. and robots?

Blogging is a Business, just not as you might know it

Until about 2009, blogs were largely online diaries where individuals would post to express their thoughts or share their personal experiences. The vast majority of these personal blogs attracted very few readers, other than the blogger’s immediate family and friends.

There were only a small number of personal bloggers who have shot to internet and worldwide stardom and have managed to turn their blog into a lucrative business

So when I talk about blogging as a business, people still think about personal blogs and think that you need to live like one of the Kardashians and blog about it to make any money blogging.

But now, there is another way to blog and earn decent revenue online. You don’t need to have a crazy life experiences or be an amazing writer to. You don’t even need to know how to build a website.

So how can you make money with an online blog

The process of creating a successful online blog less complex than you might think – it can be broken down into a four step process that looks like this.

the process of making money onlineStep 1: Choose an Interest

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic and sales)

Step 4: Earn money from your traffic

An online business also has distinct advantages over a brick and mortar business:

  • There is very little overhead to getting a business up and running.
  • There is far more opportunity online than offline – an audience of 2.8 billion to be precise.
  • There is no limit to your potential – you set your own goals and ceiling online.

That being said, while the process is straightforward and the opportunity is large, this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It is still a business that requires you to treat it like a long term business which requires your time and effort to be successful. The great thing is it can be started as a ‘side hustle’ – something that can be fitted into a crazy schedule and on top of a day job. As a working mom with a young family, I say this from experience.

Will you seize the opportunity and use the Internet to supplement and backup your job?

As someone who naturally leans towards ostrich tendencies and has the need to procrastinate as much as possible, this is the best advice I can give you:

The best time to start is now.

The decision to start an online business is a long term strategy. It’s more like a decision to gradually adopt healthier habits which lead to a healthier life rather than a rapid 30-day juice detox.

It’s something that you can do after work. It’s something you can do in the weekend. It’s even something you can work around kids (speaking from personal experience).

More importantly, it’s something that will get your prepared for the inevitable Artificial Intelligence changes that will change our work and world forever.

If you have a fire in you that just wants to grab hold of the opportunity of this age with both hands, I can help you.

While there is a ton of free resources on how to start an online business, trying to piece the pieces together can feel like you’ve just emptied out a 10,000 piece puzzle onto the living room floor.

Let me guide you, so you don’t have to spend time sorting through the pieces yourself which can be confusing and very overwhelming.

Join me at my favorite online business community and training platform here.

Remember: The best time to start is now.





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  • Reply Alice September 12, 2017 at 3:48 am

    Great informative article, thank you.

    We are truly living in a world where technology is fast advancing. And although technology is great, there’s a downside to it such as what you mentioned. Companies can easily resort to using the services of AI instead of hiring people. Even in my field of work where most of the tasks are run on machines, we can easily be replaced by AIs. However, we have an option and that is to escape the rat race before we finally get kicked out (lol).

    I’m glad I came to know that we can make money by blogging. Who would ever thought that we can actually start our own business and run it from the comfort of our home.

    But do you honestly think there will come a time when companies and law firms can operate and succeed without the services of real people? What types of professions or jobs are most likely to be affected by this?

    • Reply Shan September 12, 2017 at 7:58 am

      We are living in exciting times with the technological changes – AI can make our personal lives so much easier. The robot vacuum for one is AMAZING!

      As long as we prepare ourselves for the change I strongly believe we can enjoy the positives and avoid the negatives (mainly as you mentioned being out of a job).

      To be honest, I used to think that law firms and accounting firms were pretty safe from AI advances. That was until a firm promoting AI machine gave me a demonstration of how their machine had the capability to ‘learn’ how to analyse transactions against complex legislation. While it could take a few months for the machine to ‘learn’ and ‘be trained’, it could then replace most of the analysis work I had previously assumed could only be done by a human. A highly qualified human that went to college for a lot longer than a few months.

      The AI people explained that anything that can be broken down into patterns and a series of tasks could be learnt by the machine. That is the level of AI that is available right now. 

      So I’m personally not waiting round to see how fast AI comes into my field of work. I’m building a new revenue stream on the side to be prepared 🙂

  • Reply Peter September 12, 2017 at 11:39 am

    This is a fantastic article. I hope more people take the same strategy as you and try to protect themselves against AI. I know I am.

    You offer some great strategies here and show a helping hand to others who want to follow the same path as yourself. Well done!

    • Reply Shan September 12, 2017 at 8:06 pm

      Thanks Peter.

      I would encourage you to check blogging out for yourself. It is a viable way for people to start as a ‘side hustle’ – you don’t need a lot of time and money to get it going. As long as you build consistently, it can believe a great supplementary and even full time income. An additional safety blanket for the uncertain future.

  • Reply Justin C. September 14, 2017 at 2:04 am

    It seems that no matter what your job is as the future becomes the present you may be in jeopardy of being replaced.

    I was just reading another article and me and the writer were discussing the flaw in our upbringings.

    Particular the way we are brought up to be factory workers. Our education system has been the same in principle for well over 100 years. We go to school, sit in a neat row, raise our hands, and work as hard as we can to get an A.

    The fact of the matter is that the era of working in factories is over. That has been apparent since the invention of robots. There initial job, if i’m not mistaken, was to speed up production and lower cost.

    But yet, people still have not learned and its both their faults and our upbringings.

    The digital age has been upon us for some time now and traditional brick and mortar businesses have too much overheads.

    Its time to go online. The internet will always be around and there’s no way to re-create it. It’s like the wheel.

    I have had the pleasure of blogging for a website that i own for over 6 months now and i really couldn’t be more proud of myself.

    I good with a computer but i’m no coder. I’ve literally turned my passion into a business.

    I’m confident that the world of blogging will be around for some time.

    • Reply Shan September 14, 2017 at 9:27 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Justin!

      That’s amazing that you have found success online without any technical experience. That has been my experience too and that is why I’m so passionate about helping others get on the same journey. I just don’t think people know that this option to create an additional source of income, while keeping their day job in the meantime is possible!

      I agree – since I’ve read Rich Dad and Poor Dad I was confronted with the fact that I too have been brought up to be a good employee. It was a very challenging concept and I understand its hard to transition to a different mindset from the one we have been ingrained with from childhood.

      Best of luck with your online journey!

  • Reply Stephen September 19, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Hello Shan,

    Your article is very captivating and valuable to all in the world, not just me. And I agree with you perfectly that sooner or later, as you said, robots machines and AI systems will take over all jobs that were formerly performed by humans.

    I have always wanted to work online from home and make some income out of it but I didn’t know just to start it. So I am very glad I found your site today. I have taken you advice and I’m going to start blogging very soon to see how thing work out.

    Once again thank you for sharing this valuable article with me.

    • Reply Shan September 19, 2017 at 9:31 am

      Hi Stephen!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you found my article valuable.

      If you are looking to start blogging, I would love to help and save you time. It took me a bit of time figuring out where to how to get up and running (and a bit of frustration). So I want to make your start a lot smoother.  You can sign up for my free email course at the bottom of this post.

      Looking forward to your success with your new side hustle 🙂

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