How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT annoying friends and family

I used to think MLM was a dirty word.

In fact, at the mention of MLM/Network Marketing or Direct Sales, I would SHUDDER.

I’d pretty much had sworn off doing Network Marketing because in the past I hadn’t had the best experience with a few MLM reps. And in my short time with an MLM company, I absolutely HATED having to push my home business on family, friends, work colleagues and cold prospects. I simply didn’t agree with how I was taught to prospect and bring in new team members. It was going against my beliefs and what I stand for.

I NEVER wanted to sacrifice relationships for money. And I don’t think anyone should! I knew if I carried on I would ruin close friendship big time, so I QUIT (and started looking for other ways to make money online, hence this blog). ????

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How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Years later, I crossed paths with a heart-centred Mompreneur and we connected immediately. Through following her on social media, I found out she was running a six figure a year business, and knew I had to find out more.

When I approached her for more information on what she business she was in, I was SHOCKED.

She was in network marketing!

But how could SHE be in Network Marketing? I could not believe it!

How could someone so genuine, who gave of herself so freely to empower women be in Network Marketing? And she had never once tried to push any products on me or tried to make me join her business!

I immediately had to know how she build a six figure business WITHOUT having to pressure others!

That is how I learnt that there was a BETTER way to do network marketing. She was using social media/online marketing strategies to generate sales and recruit team members! In fact, instead of having to hassle people, the customers and team members were coming to HER!

So with that I would like to share with you the RIGHT way to approach network marketing and a few VERY wrong ways to AVOID in network marketing.

If you do it right, you will have people hunting you down. If you do it wrong, people will be running at the sight of you. The choice is yours but I suggest you be the hunted, not the hunter.

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Fake friendships. We’ve all had the friend we haven’t talked to since kindergarten that all of the sudden hits them up to buy their new and incredible product. Don’t be that person. Yes, network marketing can include talking to your friends but don’t pressure them, don’t be salesy, and always keep it real.

Bait and switch invite a friend to “catch up”… but really talk about your products during the entire conversation. You may think ambushing your friend to meet in person will increase your likelihood of a sale. It might pressure your friend into buying something, but it also will probably ruin your friendship for life. There isn’t anything wrong with sharing about products you love over lunch, but please don’t corner your friend and try to sell them your product the whole time.

Sacrifice friendships for a sale. Really think about it. Is it worth it to lose a friend just for a small sale?


Leverage social media. There is great power in social media and you can attract customers and team members to come to YOU, without spamming your friends. I post everyday on Facebook but make sure it is about adding value to others and encouraging other women (my passion!). As a rule of thumb, I only ever post about once a week on my personal pages about my products or business opportunity. And I share authentically about products I love and do so in a way that invokes curiosity so people come to me to find out what products I’m selling. I never have to spam or annoy people to get a sale!

Share why you love the products and how it can help benefit their life. Remember sales isn’t about you, it is about them. Think about the direct benefits for the user. So for example, for I share how my crows feet have disappeared after two weeks of taking our liquid collagen and this tired Mama now looks and feels more alive and younger than ever. See? Isn’t a better way to sharing than saying look at my liquid collagen product, you must buy now, buy now, BUY NOW!!

Treat others how you would want to be treated. We all know this Golden Rule but tend to forget it at times. Have a think, if you were in your customer’s position would you want to be aggressively sold to, or would you want someone that shows you the benefits, lets you order when you are ready and truly cares about your happiness, not about a quick buck?

What I love about the multi-level marketing model is that there are two ways to earn.

  1. Through sales
  2. Through building your team

Making sales is a short-term goal. You want to make the sale so you can have money in your pocket today. Building a team is a long-term goal. Your team most likely won’t make you much money in the beginning. You will spend hours training them and helping them build their businesses. That means your initial “hourly rate” or return on your time investment will be lower. But as you nurture your team and coach them, the income will build and so will your profits.

Network marketing can be an amazing way to start your own business from home and if you get in with a great company and a super awesome mentor you can even replace your full-time income working in direct sales.

No matter which network marketing company you choose to partner with, please remember to sell without being salesy, don’t sacrifice friendships and treat others how you would want to be treated.

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How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business

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