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How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog And Get Immediate Results

Once you’ve got your new shiny blog all set up and running, then next question is inevitably, How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

We all know that traffic is vitally important to a blog.

Unless you get readers, all the content you have created and the beautiful blog you designed will go to waste.


How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Pinterest Graphic

There are heaps of different ways to generate traffic to your blog like:

  • Google SEO
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Guest Blogging
  • Commenting in Forums

When you’re starting out, there is a MASSIVE temptation to want to do dabble in everything.

And this, my fellow bloggers, is a mistake.

Doing a little bit of everything will lead to little results and a lack of results is the number 1 reason why new bloggers give up.

The better way to go about generating traffic is to focus on just 1 or 2 traffic sources and get some quick wins to keep you motivated.

Which traffic source should I choose?

Well it’s ultimately up to you, but I personally like Pinterest. Pinterest is an incredible and much underrated tool for driving traffic to your blog.

Here are some quick reasons why Pinterest is a great source of traffic for bloggers:

1. Pinterest is the fastest growing platform by member growth.

Did you know Facebook’s member growth has grown by about 6% in the past few years while Pinterest’s member growth has grown by 57%?


How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Pinterest Stats

2. Pinterest Users like spend!

Pinterest users aren’t just looking for pretty pin, they are actually look to buy stuff based on the pins they see. 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest!

Shopify has reported that users referred by Pinterest, spend an average of $80. That’s twice the spend of Facebook referrals.

Pinterest users are also more affluent and can afford to shop more. Half of Pinterest users earn $50k or greater per year with 10% of Pinterest users making more than $125k a year.

3. Pins have a huge potential to go viral

Pinterest isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘viral’. But did you know that over 80% of pins are re-pins?

This is HUGE compared to only 1.4% of tweets that are re-tweeted.

Think about it if you are organizing your little one’s first birthday, you will probably set up a board to brainstorm party décor, outfit and cake designs.

When you find the perfect looking birthday cake to pin to your board, it has probably already been repinned 20 times!

And when one of your friends sees that birthday cake they might love it and re-pin it to their board too. This re-pinning process keeps repeating itself bringing that pin in front of numerous users and onto many boards over the course of a few months!

4. Pins” live longer

And because the re-pinning process we just talked about, the average life span of a Pin is months!

This is wayyyyyy longer than a tweet which has a life span of only a few minutes.

That means each time you share a Pin you can reap the benefits of traffic for months to come.

Should You Invest Your Time On Pinterest?

Believe it or not competition is still very small on Pinterest, so I think you’d be a fool if you don’t.

While Google SEO was my sole traffic focus, I have now fully embraced Pinterest into my traffic generation strategy.

Have a look at some statistics of why businesses are going crazy for Pinterest. These are my results from my first 7 days of adopting a Pinterest traffic strategy for my blog:

Over 600% increase average daily impressions (how many people see my pins)!

How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog ERR Stats

And that is just 7 days using this Pinterest scheduling tool.

The results with Pinterest are phenomenal

Remember I said the number 1 reason why most new bloggers give up is because of a lack of results.

After 3 months of hard work and not seeing a trickle of traffic…that’s when self-doubt start to creep in.

You wonder if this blogging thing even works.

That is why you need quick wins to keep you motivated and on track on your blogging journey.

Take a look at mom blogger Mckinzie’s phenomenal results with Pinterest.

She managed to take her brand new blog from 0-20,000 monthly page views in three months.

And on top of that she made passive profit of nearly $2,000 in her blog’s first 90 days.

Now that is what I call quick wins!

How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog ERR Growth

The choice is yours: Will you tap into the traffic potential Pinterest offers?

If you are serious about blogging as a business and want to grow your traffic and reach, then Pinterest is a platform you cannot ignore.

I learnt everything I know about Pinterest from mom blogger, McKinzie from Mom Makes Cents.

By carefully crafting her Pinterest strategies she has been able to launch five different profitable businesses as well as help thousands of others build their businesses with Pinterest.

She not only earns a full-time income online but in just 2 years managed to retire her husband too.

So this lady knows what she is talking about when it comes to Pinterest and driving killer traffic for a thriving online business.

The great news is you can learn from her too.

She has a free five-day course with over an hour of video lessons to help you master Pinterest.

Here is sneak peek of the lesson plans in this free course:

Day One: How To Create The Perfect Pinterest Profile



How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Day Two: How To Create Viral Pins

How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Day Three: How To Schedule Pins Like A Pro

How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Day Four: Debunking Pinterest Myths


How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Day Five: #PinterestFails – The Common Mistakes On Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


The Choice is yours: Will You Leverage the Power of Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

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