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Human Proof Designs Ready Made Websites Review – finally a human proof method to building a profitable online business?

The Quick Low Down

Name: Human Proof Designs

Website url:

Owner: Dominic Wells

Cost: From $998

Rank: 4 out of 5

Is it worth it?

  • Yes, if you have the money, find the website setup process daunting and want some expert guidance on what niche to go into and the direction to take you site.
  • Yes, if you have the money and just want to get a bit of a head start (and not spend time fiddling about what website set up)
  • No, if you would rather do things yourself or if $998 just too high of a price. If that’s you, (don’t worry I was in the same space when I started out) then check out my #1 recommended FREE starter course here.

Read on to determine if Human Proof Designs’ pre-made websites are right for you.

What is Human Proof Designs?

human proof designs reviewHuman Proof Designs is a company that creates ready-made and custom-built websites.

The one thing that makes Human Proof Designs stand out from all its competition is that no two sites they sell are identical.

While the theme used on the websites are largely the same, every website comes with different images and different color schemes.

Other pre-made website companies, especially many on are basically mass-produced cookie cutter websites.

I didn’t understand this when I bought my first website – duplicate, cookie-cutter websites = absolutely junk. Search engines like Google penalize duplicate content as it deems it to be of low quality. This really hurts your rankings.

And low rankings, means less organic traffic. Less traffic, means less sales and less money. Not a good start to business.

So What Kind of Services Does Human Proof Designs Offer?

human proof designs review

Done-For-You Niche Websites

human proof designsThis is where the Human Proof Designs team explores a niche, determines if it’s profitable then build a website.

The team ensures there is:

  • Demand for that niche, and
  • The competition is reasonable

Once these factors have been ascertained, the team then build the site on a premium theme (meaning the site design is more customizable) and populated with high quality original content and premium images.

Newbies to internet marketing often feel daunted by the niche selection process and often struggle with the process of coming up with a profitable niche.

If this is you and you would rather leave this to the experts then this package is for you.

Ready-made websites from Human Proof Designs are also unique. They will never sell another copy of your website to someone else.

The basic pricing for such a website is $998 while the premium site at $1,298 gives you more content.

Custom Niche Websites

If you already have a niche in mind, maybe it’s one of your passions, you can ask the team at Human Proof Designs to research it and build a website for you.

The team will ensure if your preferred niche has sufficient demand and a reasonable enough competition level to make your website profitable. If these factors are not present, the team will not build you a website.

I personally think this shows Human Proof Design’s integrity. They aren’t just out here to make money at your expense. They truly want to build high quality profitable websites.

Unfortunately, unsuspecting newbies (like I was) are often sold duplicated niche websites in unprofitable niches which are pretty much worthless. These sneaky companies are just out to make a quick buck.

The price for custom niche websites is similar to the ready-made websites – $998 for the basic website and $1,298 for Premium website.

So What Do You Get For The Price – Is It Worth It?

human proof designs

My mother remains a bargain hunter to this day so I’ve been trained since young to always ask the question: Is this really worth it?

I never like to buy anything without determining that I am actually getting the best deal.

Maybe you can relate?

So what do you get with the basic pre-made website and custom niche websites?

Taking into account all the elements that are included in a Human Proof designs website, let’s do the math on what hey are worth:human proof designs review

So that total works out to be $1,113.

So at $998 for a starter site, you get $115 of value for free. That is not too shabby at all. And that is not taking into account the time you would have spent setting up the site.

So for me, I have to do the math to make sure I’m getting a bargain. Which in this case, it certainly looks like I am.

So is Human Proof Designs For You?

my no.1 recommendation to build a long-term stream of income.

YES, if you are a newbie online marketer and you are struggling with:

  • Looking for a profitable niche to work with.
  • Are intimidated by the prospect of having a set up a website yourself

Then Dom Wells and his team are more than able to help you

I have seen too many newbies throw in the towel and quit when being overwhelmed with the above two issues. Others spend several month agonizing overlooking for the perfect niche.

I don’t want you to fall into any of those categories, so if that’s you, then Human Proof Designs is a great option. $998 is a certainly great deal by industry standards.

NO, if $998, not matter how worth it that might be by industry standard, is just not something you can afford.

There is absolutely no shame in that, and I was in the same position when I first started off (though I ended up buying a cheaper website I could afford but was absolute junk. Don’t do that either).

The good news you can create your own profitable niche website! You just have to invest time learning how to do niche research, actually doing the research, learn how to find profitable keywords, then go out and find profitable keywords…

All this can be done for free on Google AdWords Keyword Planner

However, I do recommend using a proper keyword research tool that will save you HEAPS of time and still costs nothing close to $998. The Google tool is free but is built for paid per click advertisers, not affiliate marketers so it takes a bit of digging to get the information you need for niche research. A proper keyword research tool on the other hand gives you the niche research information you need with just one click.

Once you have selected a profitable niche, you need to learn how to build a website. It sounds daunting but really I think you will be surprised at how easy it can be if you use the right tools. I don’t have any technical coding background and I managed to set my own website up no problem.

Once you set up your website, then you need to create content. The bad news is it is not easy to produce quality content that will get your website visitors to make a purchase. But the good news is the more you practice writing, the better you become.

If you want to learn to do all this stuff by yourself, then check out my #1 recommended FREE starter course here.

But if you decide you want someone to do all the stuff for you, then Human Proof Designs is the way to go.

How Much Make Money Can You Make From Your Niche Website

This is the kind of calculation is that is included with each website for sale at Human Proof Designs.

human proof designs review

So what does it really mean for you?

Here is how to interpret the estimated potential earnings for this website in the compost bin niche. This website gets:

  • 1,300 searches per month for the main keyword (e.g.; men’s belt).
  • 273,970 long tail searches per month (e.g. best value for money men’s belt).
  • The website sites at 3rd position for the keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • 40% of website visitors click on the affiliate link which takes them to a product (compost bin) on Amazon.
  • 10% of those visitors actually make a purchase on Amazon (whether it’s a compost bin and /or other Amazon products)
  • Such visitors spend $30 on average via the Amazon link.

Based on these factors, the calculator then spits outs the website’s potential monthly earnings.

Wow, That Looks Good! So How Fast Can You Actually Make That Money From Your Niche Site?

Human Proof Designs offer comprehensive training on how to get your business started in their member’s only area. My mentor, who I consider to be a guru in this business, has reviewed this guide and agrees that it is good stuff.

However, at the end of the day the best instructions only work if you take action on them. These sites are definitely not going to earn money on their own. So you do need to invest the time to learn and put these instructions into action to see a result.

While purchasing a website from Human Proof Designs will give you a head start, you still need to create more content and promote it to start getting sales.

Human Proof Designs is definitely not a shortcut to success and Dom Wells makes sure to emphasis this point on his website.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped you determine if Human Proof Designs’ pre-made websites are right for you.

If you want to get a ready made site from Human Proof Designs then click here to check out the niche sites they have for sale now.

Or if you have decided that you want to give it a go and build your own online business, then check out my no.1 recommendation to build a long-term stream of income. The beginner course is FREE and currently open to new members.

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  • Reply Jack Butler January 25, 2018 at 6:19 am

    This has been a very intriguing view on your post discussing human proof designs, I am very new in the affiliate marketing business, and I am here to tell you when I came across WA, I made my first real decision to move forward, so here I am in the business and hopefully ready to see some real rankings and visits that will convert, I am totally interested in this human proof program. 

    The more interesting points were the fact that they help create initial content?. I did not go further into any other posts, on this site, perhaps I will revisit your site, Thank you, Jack

  • Reply Shan January 25, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for stopping by.

    That so exciting that you are embarking on the journey of building an affiliate marketing business. I cannot think of a better place to start than Wealthy Affiliate, the training, community and tools are second to none.

    If you have the time and patience to learn and implement what you learn in WA, then you will rite some quality content and get real rankings that will convert.

    It really depends on your budget, if you have the budget and want to fast track yourself. Then Human Proof Design’s websites are second to none really. And Dom Wells started off in WA too 🙂

    Best of luck in your online endeavours!

  • Reply Jesse February 2, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Great review on Human proof design. They sell the custom made niche targeted ready made websites. It is always advantage that you start with already ranked websites and already generating traffic monthly. But probably I may choose the 2nd option that is building on my own. But we have to know the lots of stuffs like keywords, SEO, content creation, opt in form, many more. Even if we buy custom made websites ranking in SERP will drop down slowly without regular content posting. It is good that training is available at Wealthy affiliate to learn all those things.

    • Reply Shan February 4, 2018 at 6:56 pm

      Yes, that is true that without regular posting your website’s ranking in SERPs will slowly start to drop. Human Proof Designs does offer training on how to keep your website rankings up and if you have the budget they can keep posting quality content and do other things like back linking to boost your rankings.

      At the end of the day it all comes down to time and budget. Personally, though I was sold on Human Proof Designs, I simply did not have the budget to invest when first starting out so I learnt and did everything myself. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my #1 recommendation to learn everything you need to know re winning online.

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