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Is Snagajob a Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity?


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If you are looking for ways to make money from home, then SnagaJob might be one of the platforms that you are checking out.

As a mom who is about to go on maternity leave again, Snagajob naturally caught my attention. I would love to be able to earn some money working from home.

But with all the scams out there online, I was a bit dubious about this opportunity and wanted to check it out for myself.

Is Snagajob a scam or a great way to make some money online?

I wanted to find out if this was worth my time before signing up.

If that’s what you are wondering, then check out my full Snagajob review and find out if this opportunity is worth your time.

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What Is Snagajob?, now re branded as Snag, is an online platform for job seekers of part-time or full-time jobs.

Founded in 2000 by Shawn Boyer, it is based in California, United States and has registered over 20 million job seekers from all over the U. S!

With over 400,000 new jobs posted monthly, it is one of the big players in the online recruitment space.

However, a quick Google search of Snagajob brings up lots of mixed reviews which made me a bit apprehensive.

I’ll show you a bit later in the post what I mean, but before that let’s look at how Snagajob works.


How Does Snagajob Work?

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SnagaJob is essentially an online job search website that connect employers with job seekers.

Employers sign up with Snagajob and pay a fee to publish ads for vacant positions they want to fill.

Job seekers can create a profile on SnagAJob for free and apply for any vacant position advertised on the website.

Employers also have the option of reaching out to job seekers if they find that a job seeker’s profile matches a position they are looking to fill.

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Complaints about Snagajob – The Bad

Snagajob May Sell Your Personal Information

Most complaints regarding Snagajob were by far about unsolicited phone calls and emails after signing up.

As part of the Snagajob sign up process you provide them with a lot of personal information. There are also questionnaires and short surveys to fill out to see if you qualify for the position.

It appears that your personal information is used not only to find you a job but is sold to telemarketing companies.

So is Snagajob a Scam? Well, maybe not note this top tip: When you sign up with Snagajob, you by default sign up for various marketing offers. What you have to do is go through each box and uncheck one by one to opt out. But I note there are quite a few boxes to uncheck!

Unwanted Sales Pitches

Users also complain of unrelenting salespeople calling from various Institutions like the University of Phoenix or an online art institute trying to sell them courses.

Again, this is probably because you forgot to uncheck that one out of a hundred boxes when signing up with Snagajob which read “Yes, I am interested in furthering my education and would like to learn about opportunities.”

Is Snagajob a Scam user comments

Outdated Job Postings/Non-Existent Jobs

The complaint that put me off the most was the fact that users found out that some jobs listed on the website weren’t even real.

Some users compared jobs listed on Snagajob with the vacancies page of the company’s official website and found that half the time, the company was not actually hiring for that particular position. Dodgy!

There have also been job posting for businesses that have already shut down. While you don’t expect Snagajob to be policing every single job ad, you do expect them to run some checks on employers who sign up so their website doesn’t end up littering with fake job ads.

This is what one user said, “On several of the applications that i had sent out in my area it stated not to contact the employer, I would receive an email back saying i was not qualified for the position. Hard to believe that a Food and Beverage Manager of 5 years is not qualified to be a barista at Starbucks! So, I decided to go to the Starbucks, at the location that Snag a job assured was hiring baristas and management, only to find out that they WERE NOT hiring nor are they affiliated, in any way, with I then decided to visit some other companies that I was deemed not qualified, and received the same answer.”

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Praise for SnagAJob – The Good

While there are quite a complaints, there are also many people who have found jobs through Snagajob’s service.

Employers also report having a positive experience and being able to hire appropriate candidates to fill vacant roles.


Final Thoughts on Snagajob – Is Snagajob a Scam?

In my opinion, Snagajob is not a scam.

They appear to be a legitimate online job database and there are many people that report having found work from home jobs on the platform.

You just need to make sure you uncheck all the boxes that sign you up for various offers so you don’t get unsolicited emails and calls.

It would also pay to double check the job advertised against the company’s official website to make sure it’s not a fake job ad.

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  • Reply Gail May 2, 2018 at 8:01 am

    Thank you for this article, I was not aware of Snag until researching some online job opportunities and came across your site. In my search I have found quite a lot of similar online sites which claim to offer online jobs but the issue I have found is that it quite difficult to get work from them because they are very competitive, or as you say, the jobs are out-dated. Is Snag related to a particular niche or area of working such as surveys or writing? Sometimes it is better to search in a niche that you are familiar with and I wondered what you take was on that and Snag? Look forward to hearing from you. Gail

    • Reply Shan May 2, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      Hi Gail

      Yes there are so many job platforms out there these days.

      Snag is not related to any particular niche and you can find both part-time and full-time jobs in a variety of industries of their platform.

      Yes, having previous experience in a particular niche or industry will definitely go a long way in giving you an edge in the competitive job market.

      If you are looking for any alternative to joining the scramble for jobs, I would recommend looking into starting your own online business. It’s not as daunting as it sounds and this free starter course will explain how the process of making money online works.

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