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Is a Scam or Legit – Can You Really make Money with


is a scam or legit

Online surveys have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are seen as an easy way to make a little extra money online.

However, with this surge in popularity has seen the increase in online survey scams too.

If you’ve come across the opportunity online promising that you can make money by giving your opinion, you are probably wondering if this is a scam or a legitimate money making opportunity.

I too had that burning question and decided to do my own research for the answer. So make sure you read my full review to get the lowdown on

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What is

is a scam or, is a get paid to take surveys website for a market research company, Varsity plaza LLC.

It serves as a middleman for other companies looking for consumer opinions. Once you sign up for you will get recommended survey sites to sign up for separately:

is a scam or legit

Right at the beginning of my research I noticed that there were a lot more complaints about than many other survey sites I have researched but I’ll elaborate more later in my review.

The company behind also doesn’t have the best reputation. which is run by the same company, and looks identical also doesn’t have great reviews.

is a stcam or legit

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How Do You Make Money With Survey Say?

is a stcam or legit, as you would expect, provides surveys which they invite you to participate in.

They will normally send you an invitation through your email and you get points for every survey completed.

So how can pay you for these surveys?

Well, this part is not a scam. There is a reason why can pay you for your opinion. is affiliated with these websites that want to know about your spending habits. This is why they paid for referrals. might also get paid if you make a purchase for any of the third party websites.

And of most concern, probably also gets paid for selling your information to other third parties.

Reward is through points or gift cards or through cash that is sent to your PayPal account. The complaint that many people have is that they engage in trickery to stop you earning your rewards.

The general view is that you cannot rely on it as your primary source of income. Even if you earn some money, they will stop you from withdrawing it and close your account for ‘violating their terms’.

Some of the issues people have with

  1. Payment delays

Users report that not only takes ages to pay but also sneakily looks for means of backing out of their commitment to pay.

Some people complain they before a survey is nearly done, they suddenly get message saying that they have not qualified for a survey.

Legitimate survey sites often ask pre-qualification questions BEFORE you get to start a survey. This is understandable because companies are wanting to know the consumer spending habits of families in Chicago on biscuits for example.

So pre-qualification questions will probably want to narrow down candidates to only people who live in the Chicago area, have kids and consumer biscuits regularly for example.

But getting rejected towards the end of a survey sounds dubious to me.

Some people have also complained that they terminated their accounts after they had accumulated points citing ‘violation of terms.’

Here are some reviews from users reporting being sneakily prevented from cashing out:

is a scam or legit

“Absolute crap. 99% of the surveys that I chose I was somehow ineligible for. In the beginning, I earned up to 8.80. Thereafter, I became ineligible. The problem with them is that they won’t reveal to you beforehand that you are not eligible. They let you sit there and spend a lot of time answering questions before they tell you that you will not be paid for your work.”

Theresa F.

“These guys are a complete scam. Don’t waste your time completing any survey on their site. I needed 6-8 weeks to make $25 which was later sent to my PayPal. When I tried to withdraw it, they declined saying I had violated rules. It is a pitiful, pitiful company. Don’t waste a minute on them.”


They sell your personal info

Another major complaint with is the fact that they sell your personal information without your consent.

Nowhere on their website does disclose that they profit from selling personal information they collect from you.

Many users report receiving lots of spam after registering with which is a clear indicator that their email address has been shared for marketing purposes.

While there are many legitimate paid survey sites like Swagbucks and Opinion World, there are other shady survey sites that seek out your personal information to sell for financial gain.

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So is a scam?

While I wouldn’t call a scam, I do not recommend this site to people looking for an easy way to make some cash from home.

Though it is completely free to join, it sounds to me like no one ever seems to get paid, they sell your personal information and end up wasting your precious time

I would be wary about because you will be constantly giving away your personal information. That raises concerns if they are selling your information while you gain nothing in return.

But more practically it means that your email inbox is going to be flooded with spam mail.

After all if a paid survey site is actually legit they won’t ask you for your email address because they do not have any need for it, other than to send your surveys that you actually qualify for!

If you are looking to make a bit of pocket money from taking surveys online, then I would recommend Swagbucks or Opinion World which I personally use.

While you will by no means be earning a full-time income online, it’s a good way to fund my ‘wants’ wish list or to subsidize Christmas presents.

I hope this answered your question, “is a scam or legit?” I’m personally going to stay away from it and I recommend that you do the same.

Let me know what you think about – is it a scam or legit way to get paid taking surveys online?

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But what if you want earn more than just pocket money online?

If you are looking to earn a bit more than just pocket money and are looking to replace a part-time or full-time income online, then don’t bother with paid surveys. They aren’t going to get you there.

How to make a full-time income online?

My preferred way to make money online is based on a business model with low start-up costs and large potential audience size of 3.75 billion (yes, you heard right, BILLION).

I build a website about something I’m interested about, it can anything from makeup, skincare or wellness. And did you know building a website is as easy as filling in a form?

Well it is, if you have the right tools.

I then talk about the topic and various related products on my website. Because I do keyword research, I’m able to write articles that address what people are actually searching on Google.

That means they will find my website through a Google search. Then when people start visiting my website, I start make a commission from the products I sell.

I also buy any inventory or deal with customer enquiries or shipping logistics, this is all handled by a third party.

But yet I can actually make a full-time income from this.

Do you want to find out how you can do this too?

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  • Reply james April 19, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Hi Shan
    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve completed some online surveys in the past but this platform is new to me. It doesn’t sound great that people are struggling to get paid. I like the idea of using the platform for ‘wants’ money rather than a full time income. Keep up the good work!


    • Reply Shan April 19, 2018 at 9:10 pm

      Hi James

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, survey sites are definitely for some shopping money. And I would go with established ones that have a history of paying out like Swagbucks or OpinionWorld.

      But if you want to create a full-time income, then surveys is not the way to go. I would highly recommend checking out affiliate marketing. Here is a link to a free starter course to find out more about it.

  • Reply Steve April 26, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    I tend to agree with you, I don’t necessarily think surveysay is a scam, but probably not a great idea to do business with them. The bad reviews in my opinion are a red flag right away. When you get through a survey and they tell you that you don’t qualify, that is another bad sign. I am sure there are some better options out there as far as surveys go. Surveys are a decent way to earn some extra cash, but like you said, probably not a full time income. Thanks for sharing your review, this is one less thing I have to mess with now.

    • Reply Shan April 26, 2018 at 11:21 pm

      Hi Steve Yes, if you want to make money online with surveys I would recommend trying out Swagbucks or Opinion Outpost. Those are the platforms I use personally.

      Yes indeed it is nowhere close to full time income that you can earn on these platforms. If you want to earn a full-time income then you should check out affiliate marketing.

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