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Is Trunited a Scam or Easy Money Making Opportunity?

Is Trunited a Scam 1
Perhaps you have seen an advertisement on the Trunited Cash Back System and are wondering if the claims are true of households earning $400 per month?

So is Trunited a scam or the make money opportunity that you have been looking for?

Faced with these questions myself, I decided to do my own Trunited Cash Back System review to find out the answer.

It may not be my #1 way to make money online, but let’s see what this site really has to offer.

Let’s get straight into the review where I will seek to help you answer this question.

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What Is Trunited?



Trunited is a socialized commerce platform founded by Dr. Nicolas Porter in 2016. The concept of socialized commerce means money is distributed among those who shop and get more people to join Trunited.

Trunited claims to pay you money to do your shopping.

This means it is basically a “cash back” system that will give you back some of the money you spend at their recommended retailers.

You can also make money with them by referring friends and family to sign up and make purchases through the site.

How The System Works

Is Trunited a Scam 2
When you join Trunited, you are tagged with cookies like you would with affiliate marketing.

These cookies are used to track your purchases made through Trunited’s links. This is how Trunited knows when you have made a purchase from their recommended retailer. They can then reward you accordingly.

Trunited pays out on a points based system, but these points can be redeemed for cash.

Every point you earn on Trunited is equivalent to about $0.30.

How do you make purchases with Trunited?

Is Trunited a Scam 3

Trunited’s purchasing system is pretty simple. You can purchase items from their via:

  • Global Brands, or
  • Direct to Consumer

If you select Global Brands you can choose from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy Target. All you have to do is find the store you want to buy from on Trunited’s website, then click on the Shop Now button.

The amount of “Profit Points” you earn depends on the store you choose to shop from. This is directly connected with Trunited’s individual agreements with these retailers.

If you select Direct To Consumer, you will be directed to purchase items directly from the Trunited website!

There is quite a good variety of brands to choose from and the prices looks like what you would normally expect, they aren’t inflated in any way

How does the Profit Points system work?

I personally found the Profit Points system a bit confusing as there is no set monetary equivalent for each point.

The amount of points you get is directly related to the retailer you choose to shop at.

Is Trunited a Scam 4

And on top of that, the value of the points varies depending on how much Trunited makes as a whole for the month.

Trunited’s profits for the month are calculated and then converted to points which are distributed to members. This means the value of points varies from month to month depending on Trunited’s profit levels for each month.

Trunited’s Referral System

Is Trunited a Scam 5

With cash back systems, the only way to make any kind of decent money is to refer more people to the program.

When your friends and family sign up for Trunited, you will earn whenever they spend money on Trunited.

However, there is a catch with Trunited. You don’t qualify to become their ‘affiliate’, someone who can promote Trunited until you have built up at least $90 in your account. This means you have to spend quite a bit to qualify.

You also have to have referred least at one person who makes at least one purchase each month. So you can’t just refer people, they need to then be active on Trunited.

And if your referrals then refer other people, you then become known as a “PaceSetter”. This means you can earn from your referral’s referrals and not just your own.

So if you have lots of friends and family who love getting cashback for their shopping then this might be an option for you to earn some money.

However, I suspect it is easier said than done. There is so many cash back sites these days and people don’t tend to stick to one site for long.

So I suspect this won’t serve as a great source of passive income for you in the long run.

How much can you earn with Trunited?

Is Trunited a Scam 6

This was where I wasn’t so sure about Trunited as don’t really see much earning potential here.

If you are looking to get some cash back from your shopping, then Trunited is for you. However, if you are looking for a way to earn money online then this is not going to earn you much at all.

The only way to make a decent amount of money is if you get a lot of people to join Trunited and remain active.

However, if you are just going to be posting a link to join Trunited on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed, then I think you are going to be wasting your time.

I think you will find recruiting quite a time-consuming activity with little fruit to show for your efforts.

If you are looking to make good money online, there are better places to do it at!

Final Thoughts: Is Trunited A Scam Or Legit?

Is Trunited a Scam 7

Trunited is a legitimate opportunity to get cash back from your shopping.

It does work and I’m sure people are making some money from Trunited. But you definitely can’t look into this as a way to replace a part-time or full-time income.

How to make a full-time income online?

My preferred way to make money online is based on a business model with low start-up costs and large potential audience size of 3.75 billion (yes, you heard right, BILLION).

I build a website about something I’m interested about, it can anything from makeup, skincare or wellness. And did you know building a website is as easy as filling in a form?

Well it is, if you have the right tools.

I then talk about the topic and various related products on my website. Because I do keyword research, I’m able to write articles that address what people are actually searching on Google.

That means they will find my website through a Google search. Then when people start visiting my website, I start make a commission from the products I sell.

I also buy any inventory or deal with customer enquiries or shipping logistics, this is all handled by a third party.

But yet I can actually make a full-time income from this.

Do you want to find out how you can do this too?

=> Want to Become Your Own Boss? Learn Today How You Can Create a Successful Online Business Today!

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