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The jaaxy keyword tool review – Your Business Partner To Achieve Top Google Rankings

Name: Jaaxy

Creators: Kyle Loudon and Carson Limthe jaaxy keyword tool review

Website url: http://www.jaaxy.com

Price: First 30 keyword searches and 100 site rank scans FREE, Pro Membership: $49/month or $499/year , Enterprise Membership: $89/month or $999/year.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5


  • Makes finding low competition keywords easy
  • Intuitive to navigate for even beginners like me that had zero experience
  • In my opinion, great value for the ability the tool gives you to rank quickly on google and spy on your competition.

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). It is vital to any website or blog wanting to leverage free traffic from search engines.

Without the proper tools to conduct keyword research you can only guess what you target audience is looking for on Google.

Wouldn’t you want to know what the no. 1 question you can help your target audience answer right now is?

In my review of Jaaxy below, I will outline why Jaaxy is vital to your online business and why it’s the best tool for your keyword research.

My Jaaxy Experience

When starting a new website, the best strategy is to aim for low hanging fruit i.e. low competition keywords. This is the fastest way to ensure that you gain rankings on Google and establish your site as an authority in your particular niche.

It is also a great long-term strategy that can lead to an unlimited amount of organic traffic. FREE organic traffic.

Considering how expensive paid traffic is, this is a definite winning strategy.

So this is where my business partner, Jaaxy comes in.

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool that helps you find keywords easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are building a new niche website or about to embark on writing your next blog post, Jaaxy can help you.

Jaaxy collects search data from the three major engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and displays it in an easy to understand format.

Other keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, are designed for AdWords advertisers. Jaaxy on the other hand has been designed for online marketers like you and me so it presents information useful to online marketing like traffic and keyword competition.

I note that Google Keyword Planner’s “Competition” column refers to the competition between Google AdWords advertisers for a particular keyword. Jaaxy’s “keyword competition” tells you the amount of competitor sites for a specific keyword, so you know which low hanging keywords to target.

I constantly emphasize that we write posts for people and not for search engines (and it is important that you do!). You know its people that buy from you, not Google. However, after I come up with a blog post idea with people front of mind, I ALWAYS go pick the best keywords to use. I mean why not get the most of the SEO and free traffic?

For that reason, I use my keyword tool practically every day.

How Jaaxy Can Help You Too?

Jaaxy makes finding low competition keywords SIMPLE

You simply type in the keyword you want to target and it tells you:

  1. How much competition does the keyword have in ALL the search engines (not just Google), and
  2. How much traffic does the keyword get.

That’s EXACTLY what I need to know with one click of a button. All the low hanging fruit to target.

For an absolute beginner, I struggled with many things when I first started figuring out the wonderful world of starting an online business but Jaaxy was one thing I found EASY and INTUITIVE to use.

So if someone like me found it easy to use, it must be SUPER easy.

Below is an example of the results you get in Jaaxy. It tells you lots more useful information but you can get more fancy pants with your research further down the track.

the jaaxy keyword tool review


I must note that QSR (quoted search result), which means your competition, is a piece of data that is available only in Jaaxy.

This measure gives you the number of websites with the exact phrase on their site. This is an accurate picture of your true competition with each phrase.

Anything under 200 is a low competition keyword that you should target!

Anything under 300 is a medium competition keyword that you can target a bit further down the track.

Jaaxy Records How Well Your Site Is Ranking

Updated functionality on  Jaaxy 3.0 :

From 1 September 2017, version 3.0 will give you the ability to track your rankings and set them up to scan automatically on an interval that you choose. The Pro and Enterprise level accounts will give you the ability to check a domain for a given keyword in the search engines, then see the results in a chart over time. This is what it will look like:


the jaaxy keyword tool review


There will be an ability to check not only Google rankings but also Bing and Yahoo with 3.0. These are top 3 search engines with a combined market share of 90%.

This means one you published a post on our website, you will be able to head over to Jaaxy and add your domain and the keywords that you want to track your rankings for. You will then get a full report of how your post is ranking is positioned for 90% of worldwide searches.

the jaaxy keyword tool review

You might even want to track your competitor’s websites to monitor their rankings to make sure you are staying ahead of the game. I just can’t wait to try this new functionality when it comes out!

This function enables you to keep records of your site ranking so see what is working or what isn’t working and make adjustments accordingly.

If you have been in this game for a while you know continuous improvement is KEY.

When you hit gold and Jaaxy tells you, It’s working! Look at how your site ranking has just skyrocketed!

You say, thanks for that Jaaxy, I’m now going to replicate my winning formula over and over again!

Jaaxy Helps You Know Your Competition

I absolutely LOVE this feature too – the ability to spy on my competition. This enables you to get an edge over your competition! You can see the websites ranking ahead of you, check them out and see what they are doing that you aren’t.

Then do it BETTER, and they will wondering how come your site is now ranking higher than theirs! Haha!

And wait it gets better, I was like NO WAY when I found this bit.

Not only can you find out WHO is ranking for your target keywords but WHAT they are ranking with.

For example, there might be lots of competition for your target keyword with websites but there might be no YouTube videos ranking so you go make one and shoot to NUMBER 1! Sweet, easy ranking opportunity, boom!

Jaaxy Enables You To Uncover Profitable Niches Quickly

To see Jaaxy (Enterprise) in action watch the short video below. It shows you how 3 profitable niches are uncovered in minutes. The same thing with Google Keywords Planner would take hours.


Video proof that the information Jaaxy gives is accurate

proof jaaxy works video

Jaaxy Teaches You How to Be A Keywords Ninja 

Jaaxy also includes great training videos to help you hone your keyword research skills.

I personally learnt how to do keyword research inside Wealthy Affiliate, so I do most of my training there.

But I have accessed a few training videos in Jaaxy and have found them simple to follow and very very useful.

But don’t Take My Word For It, Try It For Free below

Been wondering how many people actually search for a certain term? Just key it in below and find out!

Levels of Jaaxy Membership

the jaaxy keyword tool review

I’m personally on the Pro membership and I use it everyday for keyword research. And if you go yearly, it works out to $1.36 a day –  less than the price of a pack of Focaccia crackers from Amazon shipped to your doorstep a day!

jaaxy pro cheaper than focaccia crackers

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