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Let Go App Review – Can You Really Make Money with Letgo?


This app has been getting a lot of attention lately for its new spin on buying and selling online.

But can you really make money using the Letgo App?

That’s what I wanted to know, so I downloaded it and decided to give it a whirl.

Here’s what I found.

What is Letgo?Let Go App Download

This is an app that allows you to buy and sell stuff like clothes, jewelry, toys or anything really.

It’s like Craigslist except you have the convenience of doing everything from your smart phone and using your location, Letgo connects you with buyers and sellers in the same locality. That is great especially if you don’t want to spend extra costs and hassle on shipping.

Getting Started With Letgo

Logging in was simple. I chose the Facebook option, which basically allows me to log in using my Facebook profile. I clicked on “login with Facebook app” and a notice telling me that the app would receive my Facebook info etc. and then I was in. Easy!

Once I allowed the app to access my photos (to post items) and my location (to find buyers and sellers in my areas), I was ready to post my first item for sale:

Let Go Login and Post Product

This meant I could use my camera right away to take pictures of stuff that I wanted to sell. I actually have a brand new stove that I haven’t had any luck selling on another platform.

So I decided to post it on Letgo and try my luck.

I already had an existing picture and description so I copied those over. It was so much easier to get my item posted on Letgo, within 2 minutes to be exact.

After including a photo, I needed to add a price. I had the option of choosing a specific price or select ‘negotiable’ as an option. I could also slide the ‘Free’ button over to indicate that the item was free.

Once I clicked ‘Finish,’ the item was posted. I was done!

My item was now on the marketplace and ready to be bought!

Review Update: My personal experience on Letgo after posting two items for sale

I ended up posting a couch and a stove for sale on Letgo.

Both times I had quite a few responses but I couldn’t help but feel like these people weren’t fully interested in buying. After a few questions about the couch, they would either never reply – RUDE!

Or the ones with some manners would tell me they were no longer interested in buying when we got to talking about price.

That was a lot of time spent answering questions with no sale. So hope you have better luck than me selling on Letgo. I managed to sell my items on good old Craigslist funnily enough.

So how about buying stuff on Letgo

Well on the home screen was immediately shown all the items for sale in my area. I could play around with the filters according to category, location and I could even set how far out of town I was willing to go to get an item.

I found the filters very helpful but as I didn’t have any in particular I needed, I found it fun just scrolling through and looking at the random stuff people had on sale.

Letgo filter

However, something I found a bit annoying was people didn’t seem to mark items as ‘sold’. So after all the time spend browsing and finding something I was interested in, I would inquire only to be IGNORED (again rude people RUDE) or to be told the item was already sold a few days later.

This was annoying enough to put me off buying on this app but hopefully you’ll have better luck. I was hoping it was just people in my area but other people seemed to have had similar experiences:

Letgo Negative commentsLetgo Negative Comment 2

Something to keep in mind about Letgo:

Do note that Letgo doesn’t do any financial transactions on your behalf. It only helps connect you with a buyer.

The good thing about this is that Letgo does not take any commission from you when you sell items via their platform. However, just make sure you pick a safe place to meet with the buyer and hand over your goods on receipt of cash.

Pros and Cons of Letgo

The Pros

• The app is easy, simple and very intuitive to use.

• There are no fees when using the platform.

• It is an easy way to get connected with buyers in your area.

The Cons

• As with any apps that connect people there is a security risk so don’t divulge personal information like your address.

• If the app is not known in your area, then you will have access to fewer buyers.

So can you make money with Letgo?

Yes you absolutely can!

But of course you have to have things to sell in order to make money from it. This app does a brilliant job of creating a marketplace for people to sell stuff they don’t want any more for whatever price that they choose.

Letgo was fast, easy and straightforward to use. You can professionally post stuff you want to sell in literally minutes.

However, this app favors those who live in highly –populated areas. If you live in a downtown Manhattan then you are more likely to find people who will want to buy your stuff within proximity.

This app is essentially Craigslist except better, faster and more efficient.

If you have stuff to sell then you can certainly use Letgo to make some extra cash while also clearing out stuff.

Final Thoughts

So should you download the app on your phone?

If you are looking for a way to make consistent income online, then this app is NOT for you. Once you do the math, it only works out to at best a few dollars an hour for your efforts, nothing too exciting.

Personally, my favorite way of making money online is to build a website based on what I’m passionate about and love talking about. I simply build a website and talk lots about the topic that I enjoy and when people start visiting my website, I start making money.

I don’t have to constantly look for stuff to sell and can actually make a full-time income from this. Do you want to find out how you can do this too?

I would love to show you, you can check out my favorite online business community and training platform here.


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  • Reply Manny October 30, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Hi there,

    the fact that items that has been sold are still in there is not good. It is the same on facebook very often and can be such a pain.

    Do you know if Letgo has any kind of push notification that asks you as seller every other day if the item is still available?

    I think that is the only way to keep the offers up to date! Nothing more annoying to tell someone you interested, wait for three days until someone replies to find out its gone – if someone replies!

    • Reply Shan October 30, 2017 at 11:30 pm

      Hi Manny

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I do recall being asked once if one of my items had sold but its definitely not every other day, more like after a few months. I recall giving up on selling my item after that notification.

      So yes, I think Letgo does send notifications but probably not timely enough.

  • Reply Ed October 30, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Hi Laishan,

    Good article on the LetGo app. I’ve seen the TV ads and wondered if it is any good.
    In Canada, we have a website called Kijiji that does the same thing and I’ve had great success with it. Usually the items I put up sell within a week.
    I like the fact that you have to take a picture. Photos always help to make the item sell faster.
    Does the LetGo app cost anything or is it free to download and use?


    • Reply Shan October 30, 2017 at 11:35 pm

      Hi Ed

      That’s awesome, you’ll probably like LetGo then.

      Its completely free to download and they don’t charge any commission for sales. That being said you have to handle the payment side of things yourself.

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