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Part 2: How to Create Quality Blog content that WILL Attract Traffic

Now that you have the people part sorted, you know EXACTLY who you are writing for and what floats their boat.

The next KEY component of how to create quality blog content to do so in a way that will generate traffic AND continue to generate traffic for you on autopilot…forever and ever.

The next step is to ensure that the content you write will be picked up by search engines such a Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why do you care whether the search engines notice you?

When your dream client types in a question into good like, “How do I lose belly fat now?”, if your website pops up as the first result, they are likely to click on your website and pay you a visit.

This is the BLUEPRINT, your FREE ticket to traffic to your website.

Is it even possible to rank on Google? Is the competition too great?

This was one of my main questions when I first started. I thought, if the competition SO great already that it might not even be worth trying?

After all, how long has the internet been around for? Is it too late in the game for me to get amongst the action?

The answer is no, it’s not too late at all!

There is a little known secret that I’m going to let you in on today.

Are you ready?

It was hard for me to believe at first too but there are still keywords that are considered “low hanging fruit”.

What do I mean by low hanging fruit?

Essentially, this is a low competition keyword. Think of a fruit free, this is typically the fruit sitting at the bottom of the tree which is within arm’s reach.

People tend to naturally all compete for the fruit at the top of the tree (the high traffic keywords). The low hanging fruit tends to be smaller (it gets less traffic), but there are MANY MORE of them AND they have far less competition. This means it is easier to get ranked on Google with these keywords.

It’s better to be no. 1 for a keyword that only 50 people search for each month, than on page 1001 for the high traffic keyword that gets 1million searches each month. The likelihood with the high traffic keyword is that NO ONE will scroll to page 1001 but most people will actually click on the first result of their search.

With a brand new website, it can be more difficult to get ranked under more competitive keywords and it is better to start off by targeting low competition keywords.

As a matter of fact, this strategy can be used FOREVER. This is the strategy I have been taught and continue to use on all my AND it can lead to an unlimited amount of traffic. FREE traffic. Considering how expensive paid traffic is, this is a definite Yay!

This video below is where I first learned how to take a new website and start getting rankings in Google, your ticket to FREE traffic.



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