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Part 3: A word of warning with being too keywords focused

If you can understand how to make keywords word for you, you can get a lot of traffic.

However, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include a strong word of caution not to get TOO excited and place far too much emphasis on EXACT keyword phrases and forget that the main goal with the content of your site is to HELP people.

Because it’s that important, I will stress again that the main goal of your content is to HELP PEOPLE.

Of course I care about keywords but I personally care too much about my readers to focus too much on keywords.

Make sure you DON’T do this

Have you ever read content online that reads funny and just doesn’t make a lot of sense? Well, my guess is that these people have focused on targeting a keyword and ended up not making a whole lot of sense.

This is commonly referred to as “keyword stuffing” or what I call creating horrible content…which targets keywords and NOT your readers.

Remember that you can use keywords as influence in your articles but don’t use it as a tool to inject your article with words.

What can happen if you forget your REAL focus

  • You would be creating a bad habit which would end up affecting the readability of your content.
  • Focusing too heavily on keywords could ruin your entire website.
  • Google will punish you if you focus too much on keywords (Google wants to reward content that will help people not just get rankings).

Now that you know to maintain your focus on people, people, people, let’s move on to looking at some keyword tools to help you look for low lying fruit!

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