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Part 4: How to create quality website content – The Tools You Need To Crush It!

So quick recap so far, we have learnt that:

So then…how do we look for low lying fruit?

So at this point you might be thinking, I just wanna get out there and find all these low lying fruit!

Where do I go?

I was so thrilled when I first came across this idea of low lying fruit. I got all pumped and excited then realised I didn’t know HOW to go about looking for them.

I’ll save you massive amounts of time by showing you both tools that I use on a regular basis.

Meet My Essential Business Partner Jaaxy

The first keyword research tool I stumbled upon was Jaaxy and I fell in love.

To read my full review of Jaaxy, click here.

To summarise, Jaaxy allows me to:

  • Do lightning fast keyword research,
  • Find keywords with high traffic and low competition in one click.

This saves me hours on keyword research, so I quickly identify low hanging fruit and get my content out there before my competition.

Here is a quick example of how competition research can be time-consuming AND misleading

Let’s say you were looking into the keywords “best guitar for beginner” to see if this was a low hanging fruit.

You type it into google and OH GOSH 29,500 results???

Surely that must mean there is TONS of competition! So you move onto the next keyword to research.



If you click on the last page of the google search like so..


You will be told that actually there are only 33 competing sites! That is not much competition at all! You actually had yourself a winner but you could have MISSED IT!

With Jaaxy, you just type in “best guitar for beginners” and with ONE CLICK you will get the following results.


You will know:

  • The EXACT monthly traffic searching for this keyword, AND
  • The Quoted Search Result (QSR) which indicates the level of competition. Less than 100 is VERY GOOD.

So right away, you will be able to make a decision and go create quality content on “best guitar for beginners”!

Are you ready to get started on Jaaxy with 30 free searches?


Because I’m a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to the Keyword Tool which does the basics of Jaaxy. It just doesn’t do all the other sexy stuff like spy on your competition that Jaaxy can do in additional to keyword research. I cover these functions in my detailed review.

Here is how the Keyword Tool in WA Works

This is what the Keyword Tool landing page looks like


Let’s say I’m in the weight loss niche and want to research the keyword “best food to lose weight”.

  • I key the phase “best food to lose weight”,
  • Hit “search for keywords”
  • And this is the result I get.



Let’s say I think Oh, 242 monthly searches. That’s good traffic, I wonder what the competition is like? So I click on “view result”. This is what I get.


A QSR of 63! Which is less than 100, so BINGO! I found another low hanging fruit.

You will notice the main difference between this tool and Jaaxy is the fact that I have to click on competition to get the QSR.

That is just a difference of one click but when you start to do lots of keyword research, it really does start to add up!

So I tend to favour Jaaxy but use Wealthy Affiliate for training. Wealthy Affiliate is where I first learnt all about low hanging fruit and how to do keyword research.

If you want to check Wealthy Affiliate out, there is a FREE starter membership. I encourage you to check it out with no strings attached. I promise to check in with you within an hour of you joining!

However, the starter membership does NOT come with the Keyword Tool. If you just want to get stuck in on some keyword research, Jaaxy does offer your first 30 searches for FREE. There are also options to earn more credits to get more free searches.

Happy Keyword Researching! I’ll warn you first – it can be HIGHLY addictive and PROFITABLE!



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