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Rent a Friend Review: Can You Really Get Paid to be a Friend or Is This Just Another Scam?

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When I first heard about rent a friend as a money making opportunity I was a bit disturbed but also very intrigued by the concept.

I mean can you really rent friendship these days? I thought real friendship was something that money couldn’t buy?

But in today’s age apparently you can make money by being a friend? W

hat does renting your friendship really mean?

Check out my full rent a friend review and get the answers.

Find out if rent a friend is a legitimate money making opportunity or if it’s just another scam.

 What is Rent a Friend?

Scott Rosenbaum started this service in New Jersey in 2009 and it has been so popular Rent a Friend is now global.

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Rent a Friend is a website that allows you to rent a friend from all over the world. Despite all the technology available today the reality is many of us are fairly isolated with little time or energy to meet people and develop friendships.

So that is where Rent a Friend comes in to help connect people.

What does renting your friendship look like?

You can rent a friend from your neighborhood to check out a concert in town or rent a friend in the far away country you are planning to visit.

Members of Rent a Friend can rent friends for practically everything and anything. This could be:

  • For a walk in the park,
  • To practice a foreign language or instrument,
  • To accompany an elderly relative,
  • To go to a game or the gym with, or
  • A local guide in a foreign country you are visiting.

Here are some other reasons why people might want to Rent a Friend:

rent a friend review - activities

I never knew this but there is a huge market of people all around the world who are looking for a friend to accompany them, teach them a new skill or just be their friend. And they are willing to pay for your friendship.

However, Rent a Friend does make it very clear that it is not a dating site or an escort agency. The website states that it is strictly for platonic purposes only.

How does Rent a Friend work and how can you earn money?


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To get registered as a ‘friend for hire’ you need to fill up an application form and tell them a bit about you. It is completely free to register as a ‘friend for hire’.

All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and provide a 2-3 sentence description of yourself (e.g. interests, hobbies and perhaps what kind of friend you are wanting to meet)

This information will be used to populate your profile on Rent a Friend. Other members searching for a friend will be able to view your profile and decide whether you are the friend they are looking for.

When someone requests to rent you as a friend, you have the option to accept or decline the invitation.

If you choose to accept, you can charge an hourly rate for your time. The minimum hourly rate is $10. Most friends charge $10 per hour for a simple walk in the park or watching a movie together. But if the ‘friendship’ involves utilizing a skill then you can charge more than $40 an hour.

You also have to negotiate when and where you will meet and payment terms with the person renting your friendship. I note they will be the one paying you and not Rent a Friend.

I do note people looking to Rent a Friend pay a monthly subscription of $24.95 to use the search platform. So you can have a little assurance that these people seeking a friend are semi-serious.

But with any online meet-up site I would still be cautious about personal safety. Just remember all the common sense stuff like:

  • Always carry a phone with you,
  • Only meet in public places, follow your instincts,
  • Never go to a stranger’s house alone or divulge where you live.

How much money can I make?

There are people who claim to make over $2,000 a week full-time on Rent a Friend while others only work weekends and make between $300-$500 a week.

This is the estimated income chart provided by Rent a Friend.

rent a friend - how much you can earn

It looks pretty impressive if you ask me but it all really boils down to what skills you have to offer and how many hours a week you are willing to work.

Rent a Friend Review: Is Rent a Friend a Scam?

No, Rent a Friend is not a scam. It is a pretty unique service which is fast gaining popularity around the world.

So if you love meeting new people and hanging out this may be a great way for you to make money.

Here are some testimonials from people who have used the Rent a Friend platform:


rent a friend - testimonials

rent a friend - types

Final Thoughts on Rent a Friend

Although Rent a Friend is a legitimate website for platform, it would not be my #1 recommendation to make money online because it is hard to earn a decent amount unless you love meeting up with strangers and hanging out.

Personally as a female, I am also a bit wary about the personal safety risks of meeting up with strangers as you just don’t know the intention of the person hiring you.

It’s a bit like online dating, you don’t know the type of people you will meet until you step out and meet them in person.

And even if you live in a big city, there might be lots of competition. So you need to have attractive qualities that will make you a more attractive friend than the next profile on Rent a Friend.

I suspect unless you have all day to meet up with strangers and there is sufficient demand for your friendship, you will only be making pocket money from this site.

But, what if you want something more, like full-time income?

Well, Rent a Friend is not going to get your there.

Instead, you need to turn to something that has long-term potential.

That is why I recommend checking out my #1 Recommendation. This is a program for making money online, regardless of your background or experience.

It is a proven approach that has given every day people like you and me a chance to earn money and grow a successful business.

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