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What is the site rubix website builder? The Well Kept Secret Which Will Give You An Edge Above Your Competition

While you often stumble upon Wix and Weeble ads as you browse through the internet, SiteRubix is a relatively well kept secret. Most people don’t even know what site rub website builder is all about.

And after stumbling upon it and experiencing it for myself, I can understand why people do want to keep this little secret to themselves because it gives them an edge over their competition. I’ll tell you a bit more about this in my post.

The Quick Low-Down

Name: SiteRubix

Owners: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Website url:

Price: Free for 2 websites on the WordPress platform, or $49/ Month for 50 websites (25 siterubix and 25 of your own domain sites hosted on siterubix).

Ease of use: Easiest Builder On the Market – Website Built in 30 seconds (the only other Builder that offers the same results costs $997)

Overall Ranking: 5 out of 5

Overall Comments:

  • Easiest website builder on the market (up and running in minutes not hours).
  • No risk and no time limit (option to export site, not tied to SiteRubix for life).
  • No SiteRubix branding on free websites.
  • If you are thinking of getting into online marketing, SiteRubix comes with advantages that will put you ahead of the competition (more on that below).

Why Some Online Entrepreneurs Don’t Want You Find Out

  1. They Don’t Want You To Know That Their Fancy Looking Website Took Only 30 Seconds To Build

    I didn’t believe this at first.

    I was floored when I first watched the video. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    I had tried popular Website Builders like Wix which allows you to create beautiful websites easily but it still took a beginner like me a good 2 hours to build a full website.

    But with SiteRubix, it took just a few clicks and a push of a button. I could not believe it.

    Watch the 5 steps to get a website up and running is less than 30 second here.

  2. They Don’t Want You To Know They Had Step-by-step Training to Build The Foundation Of A Profitable Business

    I used to think, how did these people make it online? They must be so much smarter than me.

    Then I found out that unlike other website builders which do just that, help you build websites, SiteRubix goes on step further also provides 10 free task based lessons on how to start a successful online business.

    I found the training incredibly valuable. As a complete newbie, all I knew was I needed to get a website to start an online business. After that step, I had no idea what to do next.

    SiteRubix not only gave me a website but held my hand and stepped me through the foundations of how to turn my shell of a website into a profitable business.

    There is a summary of the 10 free lessons SiteRubix offers for free:

  3. They Had Expert Mentoring and Help To KickStart Their Website

    Before coming across SiteRubix, I had come across internet marketing programs that offered access to the successful owners to tap into their expertise and learn first-hand how to build a successful online business. The catch was that ticket for this access was going to cost thousands, which I just didn’t have.

    I thought to myself, if only I could get such access it would surely give me an edge.

    Then I found out with SiteRubix, you got 7 days of free access to the owners Karl and Carson along with the entire WA community of successful entrepreneurs.

    I was just blown away and just went nuts with my 7 day free access to Kyle, Carson and other successful online entrepreneurs. I was able to get their input when picking a niche and a domain name.

    What I found most valuable but the personal encouragement I received from them. I mean, someone who has made it in the online world and who inspires me making time to tell a complete newbie that they have what it takes just meant the world to me. Those words were something I fell back on constantly during those early days when self-doubt would kick in.

    I did end up upgrading to Premium membership because I couldn’t get enough of the expert access. I must say the encouragement and support from Kyle, Carson and the wider 800,000 strong community has kept me from getting stuck or discouraged along the journey. More on what Premium means later.

  4. They Got The Keys To Free Traffic Handed To Them

    When I first got started, all I knew was I needed to get traffic. I understood it was VITAL because no traffic (i.e. visitors), no sales.

    So with a physical business, I might have made a big sign and stood on the street shouting – New Store, Come Check It Out! But how this worked with an online business, I had no idea.

    This was where SiteRubix was such a lifesaver. It handed me the keys to FREE traffic – access to the #1 keyword tool online with your first 30 searches for free.

    This enabled me to easily find low hanging fruit that I could rank for on search engines, and position my website for free organic traffic. I felt like a kid again at Christmas when I found this well-kept secret. So THIS is how these successful online people have been getting free traffic!

  5. They Saved Time By Not Dealing With the Technicalities of Hosting

    I am not the most tech savvy person so when I first tried to arrange my own hosting it took 2 weeks…yes 2 weeks of lodging endless tickets and extended phone support for me to get everything set up. Mucking around with C-Panel and all – it was too much for a newbie like me!

    So while I was mucking around with C-Panel and all, the person using SiteRubix had a 2 week head start building the content of my website. And it was so frustrating I almost gave up on starting an online business altogether!

    With the SiteRubix website builder, it takes almost all of the technical aspects out of hosting and building your website. I’ve hosted at a few other companies and it can be very difficult to navigate and figure out how to get a website set up – it even took me extended phone calls or live chats with customer service to get up and running in the beginning!

    With SiteRubix, that really isn’t the case at all – they made it actually foolproof that someone like me follow the steps to have a site up and running in minutes.

  6. They Have Ad Free Pages

    SiteRubix is the only website building platform where you can get free websites without marketing.

    It was like being able to rent a house (for free) without having your landlord’s band posters (which don’t go with the rest of your deco) on the wall.

  7. They Know The State Of Their Site’s Health

    Only SiteRubix offers this dashboard which monitors several SEO factors and keeps track of them for you. These include things such as your publishing frequency and how engaging your site is.

    I personally found this both helpful and motivating to know where how my site was doing and to imprve its health every day.

    This is what the Site Health dashboard looks like:

Ok, It Can’t Be All Perfect. You’re Right – it’s Not. Here Are The Limitations

Can’t install plugins or new themes

The main limitation of the free option is the ability to install additional plugins. With the free websites you get 2 plugins – All In One SEO Pack and EWWW Image Optimizer.

These plugins help your website to rank and for your images to be optimised so it doesn’t affect the load speed of your website. These 2 plugins are enough for your website to be search engine friendly so you can rank and earn money through your site.

But if you are ready to expand beyond just website content to email marketing for example you will need an additional plugin.

There is also a limited selection of themes available for the free version and no ability to upload any of your own themes.

Your Website Address will carry the extension

If you are looking for a direct .com, .net, .org you will need to actually pay for the domain name. This costs $13.99 to $15.99 with SiteRubix.

The free version will have your site with the at the end.

Limited access to training and community

While a huge advantage of SiteRubix is the access to experts and step-by-step training, this is limited with the free version.

The free version, gives you the first 10 lessons to learn from, and the ability to communicate within the platform with the owners and experts for your first 7 days.

So Who is the free version really for?

The free version is excellent for anyone who is exploring creating a website and online marketing but who may be hesitant to putting money down up front. I certainly was!

The free version has sufficient functionality and training for you to build and set up a professional looking website that has the ability to rank in search engines and make you money.

It is a great way to test out if online marketing and building a website is really what you want to invest in before you pull out your credit card or choose a domain name. You can just get a website up and running in minutes and start building content. If you decided you don’t like the niche you have chosen, you can bin the site and create a new one. And in the meantime, it has cost you nothing.

If you decide you have built a great site and want to move it to another host, this function is available too. Unlike many of the other website builders, you won’t be locked in with SiteRubix forever by building on the platform.

So Have You Always Wanted To Give This Website Thing A Try? Enter a domain name below to see if it’s available.


If you are wondering why I made the leap to Premium, here are some reasons why I couldn’t resist:

 The Numbers Added Up

Premium membership is either $49/month of $359 for a year. Being an accountant by trade, I pulled out my calculator and did the math.

Monthly membership came up to $1.60/day while yearly membership was less than a dollar a day ($0.98/a day).

With that I got the following for free. This is what I used to pay for these items to keep my website going:


It was actually cheaper to go Premium plus I got unlimited to access to Kyle and Carson and an entire 800,000 strong community to name a few. The numbers just added up.

The Premium membership upsell is really not an upsell, it saves you money and provides you with all the training, tools and support you need to build a successful and profitable online business.

Here is a summary of how the Free membership compares to the Premium Membership:

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  • Reply Israel July 17, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Hey Shan!

    SiteRubix sounds really good!

    I’ve always wanted a place where I can learn everything about online marketing and that provides all the tools to create my own website and forget about having to look for them one by one on the Internet.

    This really looks like the place to be if you are on the process of creating your online business.

    Thanks for the thorough intormation on this platform.


    • Reply Shan July 18, 2017 at 1:16 am

      Thanks Israel! I’m glad you found the information useful!

      Yes, I love having all my websites in one place. It is a bit of a hassle having them dotting all over the place. And the fact that you are taught step by step how to get your website ranked on search engines and get traffic to your site without spending any money was just invaluable. 

      That is what all the other site builders are lacking – you don’t just need a website, you need to know how to get visitors. If not a website, no matter how impressive isn’t going to generate any income for you.

      I wish you all the best with your online goals. If you have any questions please don’t be shy 🙂

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