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What is shiny object syndrome and why it causes the downfall of many internet marketers


Why humans and cats are more similar than you might think

how to avoid shiny object syndrome Cats love laser pointers. Have you seen the facbeook videos of kittens chasing a little moving dot of light round the room? It’s so funny to watch the kitten chasing its tail and stumbling around trying to chase the shiny spot on the ground.

But just like the kitten, we too can be easily distracted by shiny objects that scream for our attention. Like the kitten we can be so focused on the shiny object that we end up chasing our tail and losing focus of the big picture.

Did you know that this is one the top reasons why newbies to internet marketing fail?

Its such an easy trap to fall into.

I too fell victim to this trap as a newbie.

Shiny object syndome causes newbies to run in circles chasing the wind, wasting precious time and hard-earned money.

Sadly, many of these newbies wid up giving up have given up in frustration, exhausted but with little results to show. This post is to warn you of this dangerous trap so you can avoid it and find success where many have not.

What is the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)?

how to avoid shiny object syndrome Like the kitten, it is an attraction to objects that exhibit a glassy, or otherwise shiny appearance.

For us, it isn’t the end of a lazer pointer but it is the attractive offers that flash across our screens on social media or in our inboxes. These objects appear so shiny and pretty. Afterall, they promise to have the secret to overnight success with little work – who doesn’t want lots of money with no work?

In some cases SOS can lead to death

how to avoid shiny object syndrome More often than not, these shiny objects are “fake bait” which leads people into scams. Falling into a scam is just the worst feeling in the world.

It not only zaps up your hard earned money but it really messes with your mind. You feel angry/stupid/sorry for yourself you fell for the scam, doubtful about whether or not you can even find success online and not to mention the family members that tell you “I told you so, the online thing is just a scam anyway”.

I have been in that dark place and almost gave up trying to pursue building an online business. I had nearly lost all hope after being duked by some silly scam. I’m so thankful I never gave up.

But it pains me to think how many have never quite recovered, the ones that let their dream die and end up the cynics with regrets telling other people the “online thing just doesn’t work”.

In other cases, SOS can cause you to run but never get anywhere

This syndrome can be a huge distraction. Like the kitten you can feel productive and busy running around chasing the shiny object but in reality you have just been runnig around the same room, not achieving a whole lot.

It’s a dangerous place to be where you are buying every new magic bullet solutions that promises to solve your problems.

Once you get into the cycle of buying new shiny objects, the addiction is real and it can be a hard habit to break.

Don’t make this common mistake

how to avoid shiny object syndrome I’ve seen too many newbies pursue making money online because they are sick of the 9-5 grind and just want more time, money and control over their lives.

They start strong and with so much promise. With an eagerness to learn all it takes to build a successful online business, they start on the journey but then quickly get sidetracked by the many shiny objects alone the path.

If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me, “Hey Shan, what do you think about this product?” My answer is, “I don’t know! Just stick to the original plan, the proven plan that has it all – the tools, the support, the training, the networking for you to succeed online”. I know its tempting to buy new products in search for sucesss but buying all these shiny new objects without putting them into action will lead you nowhere fast. I mean I totally get it.

There is always a tendency to be distracted by new information and popups in our crazy connected world. I’m guilty of clicking into a popup when I’m right in the middle of crafting a blog post. I’m sure we have all be led away by a notification or new email when working on something. We are humans and we do have a desire but new things.

But the stakes are high so we need to fight the urge.

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs in this world – those who are successful and those who fail.  Staying on a particular course until mastery and FOCUS is what seperates the successful from those who are not.

The choice is yours – success or failure is in your hands

how to avoid shiny object syndrome I want you to make a decision today. Which one are you going to be? Have you decided you won’t fall into the deadly trap of SOS.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

If it’s the former, then we have to fight the tide. Stop chasing the next product in the name of chasing success. Take action with what you already know today. If distractions are a problem for you, then do what you need to:

  • Turn off your phone,
  • Put your phone in another room (and on silent),
  • Install a free productivity program to block laptop distractions.

Attention Newbies

If you are new to this online business thing and are not sure where to start, you can check out my favorite online business community and training platform here. Just promise me you will follow the steps and take action. No running off when the net shiny object comes across your screen.

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  • Reply Dr. Misty Baker January 12, 2018 at 1:38 am

    Working from home is definitely subject to the SOS… especially affiliate market work! I find myself purvey to social sites and my phone all too often!

    This is such a valuable article reminding me to stay on task and be more efficient.

    Thank you for this… I now must stop browsing the internet and get busy! ((:

    • Reply Shan January 12, 2018 at 2:11 am

      Yes I totally know what you mean. You take a wee break from your online work to check Facebook or something and an eye catching headline promising to help you to get 1,000 email subscribers in 1 week pops up! That darn Facebook advertising algorithm that channels these ‘relevant’ shiny objects to you.

      I need to constantly remind myself too not to wander off and stay on task. That way I get way more work done! Good luck, here’s to our affiliate marketing success 🙂

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